4000+ students of Jindal Global Law School secure record number of internships

Out of the 1,276 students who have secured internships with law firms, around 500 of them are in the top 20 law firms in the country.
Jindal Global Law School
Jindal Global Law SchoolO.P. Jindal Global University

4,076 students of Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), OP Jindal Global University, enrolled in the BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), BCom LLB (Hons), LLB, LLM, BA (Legal Studies) and BA (Criminology and Criminal Justice) courses, have secured internships in various institutions and offices in the public and private sector.

Students have secured internships at law firms (1,276 students), law offices (1,091), NGOs (372), corporate houses (107), government organizations (63), research internships with leading academics and academic institutions (62) and other sectors (901).

The internships mentioned above extend across many practice-areas, including criminal law, corporate law, environmental law, and human rights.

Out of the 1,276 students who secured internships in law firms, around 500 of them are in the top 20 law firms in the country as the following table indicates.

JGLS Law Firm Internships
JGLS Law Firm Internships

JGLS credits these results to the emphasis on practical legal education, which is viewed as an extension of their theoretical classroom instruction.

Explaining the philosophy and approach to internships, Prof (Dr) C Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, OP Jindal Global University and Dean, Jindal Global Law School, stated,

“JGLS believes in the industry/community/professional 'connect' with the law schools, as life at the law school leads to these domains of social functions, it is their destination. Law schools cannot be the dead-end of a journey. It is law schools that make the students ready for performing various social roles, and in that scheme of things, who else but law schools can make inroads on the industries concerned and make pathways for their students to the profession and society. Being conscious of this institutional and social role, the Office of Career Services (OCS) of the university works throughout the year in setting the said connect by understanding the industry requirements and sharing the same with the law school. It is this mutuality which has led to the numbers and results which are before us."

He congratulated the students and faculty of JGLS for their efforts in ensuring this outcome.

“I am grateful to the faculty members of JGLS and their extraordinary efforts in providing the highest quality legal education which are the reasons for these achievements. Indeed, the receptivity of students to what has been taught, their understanding of the need for applying what has been learned, and their own competencies played a huge role as well."

Prof Padmanabha Ramanujam, Dean of Academic Governance. OP Jindal Global University explained the approach of the Office of Career Services, which he heads, towards securing internships and placements for students.

“The Office of Career Services (OCS) focuses on setting proper channels of communication between industry, faculty, and students. One of the major exercises that OCS carries out is interest-mapping of students which helps us understand student expectations, and we do match them with industry expectations which we constantly obtain through professional conversations. This matching exercise that we do on a regular basis helps the right persons to be at the right places to yield right outcomes. The school also participates in this process by providing us with programme wise internship route maps which provide ideal internship progression."

JGLS added that it remains unwavering in its commitment to achieve excellence in legal education. This achievement is a significant milestone in the institution's journey toward producing highly skilled legal professionals, the university said.

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