Panel Discussion: "The Role of Experts in Arbitration and Expert Determination” by Gujarat International Maritime Arbitration Centre

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GIMAC panel discussion
GIMAC panel discussion

The Gujarat International Maritime Arbitration Centre (GIMAC), a centre of Gujarat Maritime University is delighted to announce an upcoming panel discussion focusing on "The Role of Experts in Arbitration and Expert Determination".

This session will feature distinguished industry leaders who will explore the critical contributions of experts in the arbitration process. The event promises to be an enriching experience for professionals involved in dispute resolution, legal practitioners, and anyone interested in the nuances of arbitration.

Significance of the Panel Discussion

This session is pivotal for several reasons. Firstly, it aims to enhance understanding of expert roles by demystifying their responsibilities in arbitration and emphasizing their importance in providing objective, technical, and specialized knowledge, which is critical for informed decision-making. 

Secondly, it promotes best practices by offering attendees insights into the criteria for expert selection and the standards for expert reports and testimonies, ensuring that their contributions effectively support the arbitration process. 

Thirdly, the discussion addresses the legal complexities involved in engaging experts, providing participants with a clearer understanding of how to navigate the legal landscape in arbitration. This knowledge is essential for ensuring compliance and maximizing the impact of expert involvement. Additionally, the session fosters professional development by offering a unique opportunity for professionals involved in arbitration to learn from leading figures in the field, enhancing their skills and expanding their networks. Finally, by bringing together thought leaders and practitioners, the panel aims to drive the development of industry standards and guidelines for the effective use of experts in arbitration and expert determination.

The session will be moderated by Janet Chai (Partner, Chooi & Company). The panellist speakers are Mrinal Jain (Managing Director, Secretariat) and Pratyush Sharma (Senior Manager, Accuracy)

Date: June 2nd 2024 (Sunday) 

Time: 10:30 A.M.

*No registration fees*

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For more details contact:

Shreya Kankas

Case Counsel (Trainee)

Gujarat International Maritime Arbitration Centre

Mob: +91 9998800512 

Rajath K. U

Case Counsel (Trainee)

Gujarat International Maritime Arbitration Centre

Mob: +91 7019945898 

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