Should OTT Platforms be censored? Law students can share recommendations

The recommendations are being sought by the Student Division of the INALP
Should OTT Platforms be censored? Law students can share recommendations

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The Students Division, INALP

It is a group of dedicated students from various law schools across the country whose main aim is to promote legal knowledge as well as conduct various events and activities in order to help aspiring lawyers become more proactive before joining the legal world.

Call For Recommendations

Law Students across the country are invited to send recommendations on their views of OTT platforms and whether or not they should be censored by the Government with proper reasons and explanations. These recommendations will then be collected.

Background of OTT Platforms

Over the top platforms (OTT) are a streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the internet. It has become the most popular way of watching shows or movies without needing cable or a television and can be streamed through mobiles, laptops, tablets etc.

However with great power comes great responsibility. OTT platforms have many advantages but as they are evolving, several issues have come up such as, whether people should be allowed to watch whatever they want to or should there be some amount of censorship in order to curb people from watching things which could have a negative impact on them especially if they are young.

It’s a modern day issue which requires modern solutions which is why we have come up with call for recommendations to hear your point of view.

Register Here: (There is no registration fee)

Submission Format

Font Size- 14

Font Type- Times New Roman

All recommendations should be with a Sub-Title/ Header so that the sampler should be able to identify the subject matter of your recommendation.

Submitted recommendation should not be more than 800 words that too with proper reasons and explanations which will help us understand your point of view. Footnotes should be acknowledged with list of sources as well.


The best recommendation will get 50% off on our course and their recommendation will be sent to the ministry.

Second best recommendation will get 30% off on our course.

Third best recommendation will get 20% off on our course.

Last date of submission: 28th September, 2020

For more details please contact

Ms. Shruti Gupta (Co Chair, Student's Division) +91-83608-70921

Ms. Malvika Arora (Secretary, Students Division) +91-88513-16354

Or visit us at:

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