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Singapore-based Lawr acquires NUJS-grads’ startup, Lawfarm
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Singapore-based Lawr acquires NUJS-grads’ startup, Lawfarm

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Lawfarm, an online legal services website started by two NUJS graduates in 2013, has been acquired by Singapore-based startup, Lawr. The Singapore startup, that has reportedly been working in “stealth mode” since 2015, may launch a lawyer-finding services soon.

A Facebook post on the Lawfarm page states,

“Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that Lawfarm just got acquired by Lawr, a start up based out of Singapore. With this integration, we hope to be able to further grow Lawfarm’s community, expand our pro bono initiative with ipaidabribe and create more valuable legal services for the people of India. Thank you all for supporting us through this journey, and we sincerely hope that you shall continue to do so.”

Monalisa Saha and Sreerupa Choudhury, NUJS graduates who chose to take the entrepreneurial route, had revealed in this interview with Bar & Bench that they were looking for investors to fund their brainchild.

The two, however, were not available for comment at time of publication.