Symbiosis Law School, Pune wins the Fourth NUJS Mediation Competition

The winning team comprised of Vikrant Sharma and Ananya Agarwal.
Symbiosis Law School, Pune wins the Fourth NUJS Mediation Competition

Symbiosis Law School, Pune emerged as the winners of the 4th NUJS Mediation Competition, 2022. The Mediation Competition is the flagship event of the ADR Society of NUJS, Kolkata. The competition took place between from March 11 - March 13.

The Symbiosis Law School, Pune team consisting Vikrant Sharma and Ananya Agarwal emerged as the winners.

While sharing their experience, Ananya Agarwal spoke, “Being one of the most prestigious ADR competitions, this event was a great learning experience. My team consisting of Vikrant Sharma (Client), Kim Shah (Mediator) and Vasundhara Mehta (Coach) spent multiple days ruminating over the preliminary problem and running mock sessions. I’m confident that this was the reason for us becoming 8 of the 36 participating teams to qualify to quarters. Every round had beautifully drafted problems that required the perfect blend of practical and legal knowledge. The fierce competition and the subsequent feedback in every round definitely helped us grow as we proceeded to finals. I believe towards the end, due to the valuable feedback from the judges and our Coach, we had managed to strike a good balance between our roles as Counsel and Client which proved to be our USP.”

Vikrant Sharma added, “The experience of participating in, and subsequently winning, the NUJS Mediation Competition was one I shall cherish for a long time. My negotiation partner, Ananya Agarwal, was the best teammate I could have hoped for. Her inputs were always excellent. Kim Shah, who represented SLS Pune as the mediator, was a joy to train with. Our coach for the competition, Vasundhara Mehta, dedicated herself to helping us win and we received fantastic inputs from her throughout the process.

During the competition, receiving direct feedback from some of the best mediators around the world who adjudged the rounds was a wonderful opportunity that I tried to make the most of. Working with teams and mediators from the best law schools in India as well as the world presented a healthy and competitive atmosphere to the competition which made all the rounds fun. The multiculturalism of the competition presented an added layer of authenticity to the challenges of mediation. Overall, it was an experience I shall treasure, and one through which I learned a great deal.”

The team collectively expressed this experience to be thrilling and enriching. Ananya added, “it was a thrilling experience made much more competitive with the talent and ability of the teams participating.” The team said this is an experience that they will always cherish.

This note was shared by Campus Ambassador Jahnavi Seethamraju.

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