Tenth Lecture Series by Centre for the Study of United Nations & Jindal Society of International Law

The lecture will be on the topic, "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies? - On the Governance of International Courts and Tribunals" by Professor Neils Blokker.
Tenth Lecture Series by Centre for the Study of United Nations & Jindal Society of International Law

Jindal Society of International Law, in pursuance of fostering fruitful conversations on international law, is delighted to present and host the Fall Lecture Series of 2021, titled 'Exploring the Ecosystem of International Law'.

The lecture on 'Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies? - On the Governance of International Courts and Tribunals' is the tenth lecture in this twenty-three part lecture series, which is being held from August to November 2021.

About Jindal Society of International Law

The Jindal Society of International Law is a student-led initiative under the aegis of the Centre for the Study of United Nations of Jindal Global Law School, and the guidance of Faculty Coordinator Professor (Dr.) Vesselin Popovski. Founded in 2020, this Society is an initiative to provide a platform to young international law enthusiasts.

The purpose of this Society is to increase student interaction with the subject matter of International Law through its various initiatives. Rather than being primarily research-driven, we intend to offer a host of experiences that contribute towards skill-building, thereby increasing the knowledge database available to students.

This Society is an attempt to bridge the lacuna by streamlining resources and inculcating an overall interest in the vast expanses of International Law. We aim to provide a space to young international law enthusiasts to nurture their interest in the field.

About the Lecture Series 'Exploring the Ecosystem of International Law'

Our Fall Lecture Series of 2021, 'Exploring the Ecosystem of International Law', builds upon the introduction given on internationalism and international law by the concluded Spring Lecture Series, titled ‘Future of Internationalism and International Law’. The Fall Series endeavours to study the different contours of international law. To assist in this study, the speakers will cover and address their respective areas of expertise, based upon their years of research and practice. Given the vast ecosystem and the engagement of international law in it, the Society aims to study the fragmentation and fertilizations of the various disciplines in this ecosystem.

The lowest common denominator in this Fall Lecture Series is to enhance and provide a deeper understanding of international law through international lawyers. The Society, for its Members, is a well of knowledge and a quorum of thought-provoking discussions, which will be resultant of this engagement with experts aimed at exploring the ecosystem of international law.

About the Lecture

The tenth lecture of our Fall 2021 Lecture Series is on the topic 'Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies? - On the Governance of International Courts and Tribunals'. The distinguished speaker for this lecture is Professor Neils Blokker.

About the Speaker

Professor Niels Blokker was appointed at Leiden University (The Netherlands) as Professor of International Institutional Law (Schermers Chair) in 2003 (0.2). Since August 2013 this is a full-time appointment.

He graduated from Leiden University (1984), where he also defended his dissertation (1989). From 1984 he was a lecturer, subsequently a senior lecturer in the law of international organizations at Leiden University. In 2000 he was appointed senior legal counsel at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2007 he became Deputy Legal Adviser at this Ministry. As of 1 August 2013 he has left the Foreign Ministry and started working full-time at Leiden University.

His publications include International Regulation of World Trade in Textiles (dissertation, 1989), International Institutional Law (co-authored with the late Henry G. Schermers, 6th edition 2018), Proliferation of International Organizations (coauthored with the late Henry G. Schermers, 2000), The Security Council and the Use of Force (co-edited with Nico Schrijver, 2005), Elected Members of the Security Council (co-edited with Nico Schrijver, 2020), Saving Succeeding Generations from the Scourge of War – The UN Security Council at 75 (2021). He is co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of the journal International Organizations Law Review. His main current research project is about the governance of international courts and tribunals.

The lecture will be hosted online on Zoom and will also be simultaneously live streamed on YouTube on 23rd September, 2021 (Thursday) at 17:00 IST Onwards.

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Ankit Malhotra, Co-Founder and President of Jindal Society of International Law.

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