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Wallick Global Consulting’s LL.M. clients continue to impress: 7 Stanford admits, admissions to Harvard, Yale, Oxford, & Cambridge for 2022

Wallick Global Consulting is currently interviewing potential clients who need services for applications to the class of 2024 and beyond. Start early!

After six years providing personalized consulting in India, WGC continues to outperform with most clients receiving admissions offers from top-tier universities across the globe.

Wallick Global Consulting Private Limited (WGC) is an education consulting company founded in 2017 in India, which helps students to prepare to study in the world's top-tier universities. WGC is a brand synonymous with excellence and quality in admissions consulting and career planning.

WGC was founded by Ms. Heather Wallick, a former Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Graduate Program at Harvard Law School. WGC is a thriving coaching and career planning practice providing support, mentorship, and capacity building to students entering the highly selective and competitive global university application process.

Ms. Wallick’s experience as an application reviewer at Harvard has informed her advice and planning recommendations. Past clients have lauded Ms. Wallick’s enthusiasm and encouragement and her ability to help them define clear goals for their advanced law studies. This ensures that their LL.M. program would be as productive as possible and maximum return on their investment can be achieved.

Over the past five years, WGC has garnered increasing interest from students who want a mentor throughout law school, in addition to those who approach her in the year in which they would apply. Realising there was a gap in the market for advanced career planning and education for practicing attorneys, Ms. Wallick schedules consultations around sometimes very demanding work schedules and gives preference to evening and weekend appointments to those in the workforce.

WGC achieved their most successful year yet in 2022 LL.M. admission cycle yielding multiple admits to Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, Columbia and to the remaining top-tier global LL.M. programs with over $675,000+ in Scholarships received by their clients this year. Since 2017, WGC clients have also received approximately $1.7 Million in scholarships from prestigious competitive scholarship programs such as Chevening, Hauser, Trinity, Inlaks, JN Tata, AAUW as well as university specific merit scholarships.

Apart from the LL.M. and advanced law programs, WGC has had tremendous success coaching undergraduate and graduate (MS, MBA, MPH, MPA, MPP etc.) students interested in other disciplines with admits to the crème-de-la-crème of public and private universities including Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Kellog, MIT (Sloan), University of Chicago, University of California-Berkeley, Emory, Imperial College London, Carnegie Mellon, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, UT Austin, and Northwestern.

Here is a comprehensive listing of the firm’s admits across undergraduate and graduate programs globally. Some notable achievements are:

· 70+ admissions from world's top 10 universities

· 150+ admissions from world's top 25 universities

· 200+ admission offers from the world’s top-50 universities

· Average of 2+ admits per client into the world’s top-100 universities

· 2 prestigious 100K CAD scholarships to University of Toronto for undergraduate studies

WGC has noticed that the success rate of its clients has been directly proportional to the period of their association with the firm. The most successful candidates prepared under the mentorship and guidance of Ms. Wallick for a period of one-year or more.

Wallick Global Consulting is currently interviewing potential clients who need services for applications to the class of 2024 and beyond. Start early! There is no time like the present to start academic and career planning.

Call (+91) 8851119559 or write to Ms. Wallick at info@wallickglobalconsulting.com to set up an appointment.

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