Webinar Alert: Advocate Harpreet Singh Hora on the Legal Struggles of Riot Victims (Nov 21)

Webinar Alert: Advocate Harpreet Singh Hora on the Legal Struggles of Riot Victims (Nov 21)

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Bearing in mind the spirit of Legally Yours, we have come up with an interesting talk on the topic “LEGAL STRUGGLES OF RIOT VICTIMS.” We would be in conversation with Adv. Harpreet Singh Hora, the advocate for victims of the 1984 Anita-Sikh Riots, who would walk us through the various presets that revolve around the victims in the aftermath of a riot and other aspects of victimology.

It is commonly known that communal riots in India are more politically motivated than caused by the religious factors. Madan Commission, which was constituted to look into the causes of communal riots in Maharashtra in 1970s, had emphasized that the primary builders of communal tensions are politicians and communalists.

Apart from political interests, economic interests also play an important role in instigating communal clashes in India. For example, illicit trade practices can result in communal violence. The repercussions of such riots are borne by the innocent victims who have little or nothing to do with communal hatred. In other words, in the majority of cases, the perpetrators of violence and victims of violence are different persons.

The Talk with the champion of 1984 Anti-Sikh Riot victims will look to dwell upon the aspects of the struggles of the riot victims and how justice is served too little too late.

The Talk will also focus upon the role of the state machinery and how the investigation in these types of matters moves at a snail's pace, denying the victims the right of speedy and effective justice.

Date & Time

Date: 21st November, 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 04:45 PM IST

Google Meet Link: meet.google.com/igr-kore-jrh

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