Webinar Alert: USLLS's webinar on "Transformative Constitution" (Sept 26)
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Webinar Alert: USLLS's webinar on "Transformative Constitution" (Sept 26)

The webinar will have advocate Gautam Bhatia as the keynote speaker

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The “Indraprastha Law Review” (ILR) is the Online Journal of University School of Law and Legal Studies. The journal is double-blind peer reviewed with the fundamental premise being to promote interdisciplinary research, entailing a detailed study of law and legal studies and its discourse with other disciplines. This journal serves as a guide to the future contours of interdisciplinary research in the contemporary era.


The ILR is organizing a National Webinar on the topic, ‘Transformative Constitution’, on 26th September, 2020, at 4:00 PM.

The event will be graced by Gautam Bhatia, advocate and D. Phil. (Law) candidate at the University of Oxford, as keynote speaker.


Gautam Bhatia completed his BCL and MPhil at Oxford (2011 – 2013) as a Rhodes Scholar, and LLM at the Yale Law School (2014). He is also an acclaimed author, with 3 books to his credit, Offend, Shock, or Disturb: Freedom of Speech under the Indian Constitution (OUP 2015); The Transformative Constitution (HarperCollins India 2019) and his recently published sci-fi novel, The Wall.

He is the editor of the award-winning Strange Horizons magazine. Moreover, he practiced for four years as a lawyer in New Delhi, and was part of the legal teams challenging the constitutionality of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and the Aadhaar project. His work has been cited by the Supreme Court of India, and by various High Courts.


Date of the Webinar- 26th September, 2020

Time of the Webinar- 4:00 P.M. (IST) onwards

Medium - Zoom

Registration link - https://forms.gle/B9EbHJPGMyH7qa787

All the participants are requested to join the WhatsApp Group through the Link provided at the end of the Registration Form (on submission).

E-CERTIFICATES will be provided to all the attendees.

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