Webinar on “Career and Future Prospects in Cyber Law in India” by Vidhi Parivartan

The webinar aims to discuss emerging trends in Cyber Security law across the world, their significance and the cyber security legal challenges that currently face open data.
Webinar on “Career and Future Prospects in Cyber Law in India” by Vidhi Parivartan
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Today the internet has become an important aspect of everybody’s daily life. From basic communication to online shopping, it has taken over the world. Companies have also opted to continue their operations through the web, resulting in the rise of e-commerce. Many governmental procedures are also taking place online and e-finance has seen a tremendous rise over the last year.

With the growth of the web, the dangers associated with it have also risen. Cyber law acts as a shield over cyberspace, to prevent cybercrimes from happening. Although, this is a difficult challenge for lawmakers and crime enforcement but the officials have taken it upon themselves to create and establish laws to prevent illegal activities that occur online.

While cybercrimes are rising daily, the types of Cyber Crime are also evolving rapidly with new methodologies being used by unethical hackers to commit different crimes. This Webinar focuses on the career aspect of Cyber Law in India. Moreover, it also aims to discuss emerging key trends in Cyber Security law across the world, the significance of these trends from the perspective of data in the present age and the cyber security legal challenges that currently face open data. The Webinar also aims to examine the Future Prospects of Cyber Law in India.

Vidhi Parivartan’s Webinar on “Career and Future Prospects of Cyber Law in India” aims to address challenges, scope, opportunity and perks of having a career in Cyber Law in India.


Adv. Akshay Bhambri, Delhi High Court Mr. Bhambri specializes in matters pertaining to Cyber Law & Cyber Security, Matrimony, Property, RERA, A.D.R and In-direct Taxation such as Customs, Excise, Service Tax, COFEPOSA, mainly in Customs. He has years possessing expertise in the domain of Cyberlaw and in Professional Legal Education. He has successfully organized many Seminars and Workshops along with triumphantly published 6 Research papers till now.

Academically, he graduated in B.A Political Science (Hons.) from Delhi University, and then went to pursue LLB. He is also a Rank Holder in his LLM & in Cyber Law and he also holds a diploma in Arbitration, conciliation & Mediation with Many Other Certificates in Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and Space law etc.

He is currently enrolled with the Delhi Bar Council, Delhi High Court Bar Association And a Bar Member of Delhi District Courts is been assisted by two Associate Lawyers, at present. He is the author of Cyber Law course for katog LLP and is an Editorial Board Member of Journal for Law Students & Researchers.

Webinar Details

VENUE : The webinar will be conducted online.

DATE : 3rd October, 2021 (Sunday)

TIME : 5:00 PM Onwards Duration: 60 min to 75 min (including Q & A session)


• Undergraduate Law Students

• Legal Professionals & Academicians

REQUIREMENTS : A phone/tablet/laptop and a stable internet connection


For registration, click here - https://forms.gle/WFrshvVeSLcwqJhH8

REGISTRATION FEE The webinar is free for all.


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