Webinar on 'Litigation Finance Unlocked' by Singularity Legal

The webinar aims to delve into the intricacies of litigation finance – examining key issues across various dimensions.
Webinar on 'Litigation Finance Unlocked' by Singularity Legal

We at Singularity Legal remain committed to knowledge share initiatives and in keeping with our Expert Talk Quarterly Training Series, we are pleased to announce our next webinar on Litigation Finance Unlocked to be held on 17 August, 2023.

Litigation Finance Unlocked

Exploring Trends, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations

Litigation finance has emerged as a dynamic industry, transforming the landscape of legal proceedings and providing opportunities for litigants to access justice. This webinar aims to delve into the intricacies of litigation finance – examining key issues across various dimensions. By bringing together experts and thought leaders, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the nuances within the litigation finance industry, while shedding light on trends, ethical considerations, and its impact on the legal landscape.

Supporting organisation: ThoughtLeaders4

The eminent list of panelists constitutes the world's leading funders and the webinar promises a good engagement opportunity.


  • Prateek Bagaria – Partner, Singularity Legal

  • Tom Glasgow – Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer (APAC), Omni Bridgeway

  • Roger Milburn – Investment Manager (APAC), LCM Finance

  • Ayse Yazir – Global Head of Origination, Bench Walk Advisors

  • Edward Yell – Head of Scheme Underwriting, Litica

  • Quentin Pak – Director, Burford Capital

  • Kanika Sharma – Managing Director, Fulcrum Capital

  • Alain Grec – Director and Head of Quantum Analysis, Profile Investment

Key Themes

1. Structuring: Addressing legal concerns and optimising structures for litigation finance agreements to ensure compliance and maximise outcomes.

2. Products: Analysing innovative litigation finance products and their impact on the litigation landscape.

3. Conflicts of interest: Strategies for effectively managing conflicts involving counsel, arbitrators, and opposing parties.

4. Funders’ investment: Identifying and mitigating investment risks in litigation finance transactions.

5. Disclosure, confidentiality, and privilege: Navigating the complexities of information sharing while protecting confidentiality and meeting disclosure requirements.

6. Funders’ return: Exploring strategies, considerations and factors that contribute to maximising returns in litigation finance.

7. Ethics and obligations: Examining ethical considerations and responsible decision-making in the industry.

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