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Women survivors reveal sexual harassment at NLU Delhi, administration takes note

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National Law University, Delhi (NLU Delhi) is having its own #MeToo movement, with women survivors calling out sexual harassment on campus.

A number of women students and alumni took to social media to recount harrowing instances of sexual harassment they were subject to by their male peers in the past.

A group of students from NLU Delhi issued a statement in solidarity with the survivors who mustered the courage to publicize their experiences.

The movement has prompted the University administration to take note. Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ranbir Singh has informed the students about preliminary measures taken to deal with sexual harassment on campus. These include appointment of mental health professionals with expertise in sexual violence and assigning a number of faculty members for victims of sexual harassment to approach. Dr. Singh has also invited suggestions from students on how to deal with these instances of harassment on campus. In an email sent to all batches, he states,

“Sexual harassment violates the most fundamental and cherished values that the University stands for. It also poses a serious challenge to our commitment to create an educational space and culture based on dignity, equal access, and mutual respect for all.”

While it remains to be seen what action the administration will take against the alleged harassers, the male students of the University have already felt the repercussions as a result of their peer’s actions. As first reported by Legally India, The Debating Society at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi has barred male participants from NLU Delhi for the 71st Mukarji Memorial Debate 2019, and the 7th ProAm Debate 2019.

Note: All names of survivors and alleged perpetrators have been omitted for reasons of privacy and in line with our policy on law school reporting.

At the request of the survivors, excerpts from their testimonies shared on social media have been deleted from this article.

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