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CLAT Guru Rajneesh Singh predicts CLAT 2012 expected Cut Off

CLAT Guru Rajneesh Singh predicts CLAT 2012 expected Cut Off

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Rajneesh Singh a popular CLAT Mentor and Product Manager (National) for the law course at IMS Learning Resources comes out with expected cut off for CLAT 2012.

By Rajneesh Singh

Dear CLAT 2012 takers,

The table listed below shows the expected cut off for CLAT 2012 and this is only an expected one. I have done a good deal of research before coming out with this cut off table. I hope this table will help you in the admission process. Please check the cut off marks till the last list and do not panic once you see only the first cut off list. Please stay patient till you see the last list.

Firstly, there will be four centralized lists after which I expect that there will be approximately 200 seats which will still be vacant. For these vacant seats, each NLU will come out with a separate list. This is the time when you all CLAT aspirants need to be very vigilant and keep a track of all these lists. I would suggest you all to be in constant touch with the NLUs at that time. You might just be lucky to get a seat only because you were in touch with them.

Last year seats were filled up in very quick time. I will be there to keep you informed on the happenings so that you get the best option available.  Please do not message me at Facebook until it is urgent. Please post all your queries here. I will answer all your queries as quickly as possible.

I have explained below, how the entire admission process will run.

  • The first list will be out on May 28, 2012 based on the ranks and the preferences filled up by the CLAT aspirants.
  • It is expected that the first list in the general category will list approximately 805-810 students. While the other categories will be listed according to availability of seats.
  • State quota admissions will be taken care by the respective NLUs. You will have to contact each NLU individually for that.
  • The candidates in the first list will be required to deposit Rs. 25000 approximately to book their seats.
  • Once the last date for depositing the fee is over, the second list will be prepared according to the availability of vacancies as some of the candidates might not deposit the confirmation amount.
  • In the second list, one can expect the All India rank in General category to go upto 1040-1060.
  • Now, what will happen in the second list is the few fresh candidates will enter the second list and many of the candidates in the first list will be up-graded to more preferred NLUs if the seats are vacant according to the preference filled up.
  • Thereafter, the Third list and then fourth list will come out, which will end the centralised listing process.
  • Once the centralised listing process is over, it is expected that about 180-200 seats will still be vacant.
  • Now, each law school will take the responsibility to fill up these vacant seats.
  • This is the time when all candidates who still have not managed to get a seat in any of the NLUs should keep an eye and must stay in touch with the particular law school where one is expecting to get through.

Expected Master Ranks at various Marks

90 Marks              –            14000 Master Rank

100                         –           6000

110                         –           4000

120                         –           2000

128                         –           1000

140                         –           400

145                         –           200

150                         –           120

160                         –           30

174 will be the probable topper

Rajneesh Singh is a popular CLAT Mentor and Product Manager (National) for the law course at IMS Learning Resources.