NLAT 2020: CLAT mentor Rajneesh Singh's 14-point formula

Cracking the exam and making it to NLSIU requires a talented, well-prepared and a calm mind.
Rajneesh Singh
Rajneesh Singh

I agree that all of you have been facing lots of problems. I also agree that conducting the National Law Aptitude Test (NLAT) was not the right call at the right time. But try to understand that in these days of COVID-19, we are all struggling.

Take NLAT with a positive mindset and assume that there will be no cheating. Cracking the exam and making it to NLSIU requires a talented, well-prepared and a calm mind. If you get into doubts about cheating, it will not be possible to perform at your best.

One great advantage is that you have that NLAT in the Supreme Court and September 16 is the next hearing date. If anything goes wrong tomorrow, then NLSIU will either host another exam or NLAT will be scrapped by the Court. Therefore, take the exam assuming that all will be okay.

These are the things you must take care of:

1. Make sure you are in a closed room and be ready 30 minutes before the reporting time.

2. Read all the instructions now. Detailed instructions have been published on the NLSIU website.

3. In case you do not receive slot details along with link and password tomorrow, please mail them and call them.

4. Check list – two rough sheets, laptop charger (if applicable), keep your registered phone with your parents, disable pop-ups on your browser, deactivate the anti-virus on your computer.

5. No mirrors or other cameras (apart from the required webcam) should be in the room.

6. Keep all ID cards with you before the exam – Aaadhar card, Passport, 12th and 10th admit card etc. Many were struggling today during verification. Having alternative ID cards ready will solve the problem.

7. Keep visiting the site because new notifications have been coming up regularly. One message about examination integrity has been published an hour back.

8. Read the instructions before the exam. They may change. Today’s simulated test had a fifth option for some questions. In order to control cheating, they may introduce new rules.

9. This exam is a little different, but what is being tested is the same. The quality of the questions will be quite good. You cannot fool around, so your mind should be active. Concentration for deep comprehension will be the key for success.

10. In case they continue with the negative marking for the skipped questions, then it is better to randomly mark rather than skipping (better scoring).

11. Take a NLAT mock hours before your reporting time. This will work like magic. It is like a 100 metre race where you need to be already warmed up. This way, you will not take an extra 2-6 minutes for the first passage.

12. From the second passage, be alert and leave all those question with random marking if they seem to be very time consuming (if they take more than 2 minutes).

13. If the paper is tough, then it is better to attempt three passages rather than trying to finish all questions. You must mark all, but genuine attempts must be done confidently.

14. The winners will be those who can maintain deep concentration and focus.

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