The Obiter Truth: All Rise, for the Black

The Obiter Truth is a catalogue of everyday experiences in the life of a young lawyer hoping to find humour in the bizarre and sense in the chaos.
Manini Brar
Manini Brar

Evenings in the park are busy, mostly with residents from colonies nearby. Old regimentarians with that brisk up-two-three-four that trumpets years of public service. Rosy-eyed lovers with interlaced fingers wandering so languidly that they cause the more serious walkers to dodge them to keep pace. Young women who stop mid-stride to fuss over their pets, disrupting the flow of all those behind them, for who is so heartless as to keep walking when a damsel is in distress? The park is a public space like any other should be. A beautiful bouquet of mismatched strangers and colours and sounds in perfect harmony. Everybody is welcome. Even the oddballs dotting the fringes, making noises about this cause and that.

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