"I do believe judges act honestly": Fali Nariman speaks on the Migrant Crisis, suo motu cognizance, Law Officers, and more [Watch Video]

In this interview, Fali Nariman talks about his views on how the Supreme Court handled the migrants issue, suo motu cognizance by courts, the role of law officers, and advice to young lawyers.
Fali Sam Nariman
Fali Sam Nariman

The living legend of law and India’s most respected and well-versed lawyer, Senior Advocate Fali Nariman speaks to Bar & Bench on issues ranging from how the Supreme Court handled the migrants' crisis, the role of law officers, and his advice to young members of the Bar.

While saying that the Supreme Court dealt with the COVID-19 migrant crisis "appallingly", Nariman went on to add,

"Each generation of lawyers and judges are different. It is no use saying that this generation of judges is pro-government or some are anti-government. In my experience of past 65 years, I found that, that's not correct. Different judges react differently to situations.

I do believe that judges do act honestly. But from a public point of view, it was a disaster."

[Watch Video]

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