Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand: Vice President-Legal and Associate General Counsel Amazon Rakesh Bakshi

In this episode, Bakshi speaks of the turning point in his professional journey, his family, inspirations and a lot more.
Rakesh Bakshi
Rakesh BakshiADMIN

In a new episode of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand, the host speaks to Vice President-Legal and Associate General Counsel, Amazon Rakesh Bakshi.

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The new show hosted by Bithika Anand features stalwarts of the legal profession and makes an attempt to explore the person behind the lawyer.

In the show's newest episode, Bakshi speaks of the turning point in his professional journey, his family, inspirations and a lot more.

Describing a turning point in his professional journey, Bakshi recalled that he realised while working as a research associate that he had to explore a different path if he wished to make ends meet.

That is when an aunt of mine told me law would be a good choice, and looking back she could not have given better advice”, he elaborated.

He also shared that if were not a lawyer, he would have liked to be a sports commentator since he played a lot of cricket in school and college.

Discussing his inspiration, Bakshi spoke of his father who was in the army and encouraged in him honesty from a very young age which, he said, paid him great dividends in life.

One thing I learnt from him is.. give your children the best education you can”, he added.

He went on to say that stories of team work and sacrifice inspired him.

Just reading about how young people lay down their lives for the country is very inspiring to me.”

Further, he said that he was deeply spiritual and the spiritual path had taken away the fear from within him.

Given how uncertain life is these days, to be able to traverse through such circumstances with a smile comes a lot from how deep you go into yoga and meditation.”

Giving a message to young lawyers, he advised them to be patient and good things would happen.

I don’t think fast movement means fast success.”

The new show hosted by Bithika Anand will see eminent lawyers talking about transformative moments in their lives, their spiritual journey and insights that became clear only later on.

In a series of candid conversations, Anand will attempt to bring out the true selves of the guests in terms of depth of thought, and will explore their lighter sides, including their choices in entertainment, lifestyle, hobbies and interests.

Season One of the show has been shot virtually and will air exclusively on Bar & Bench's YouTube channel. Fresh episodes of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand will be aired every Friday.

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