Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand: Anand & Anand Senior Partner Safir Anand

In the show's newest episode, Anand speaks of impactful incidents in life, motivations, people who influenced him, hobbies and more.
Safir Anand
Safir Anand

In a new episode of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand, the host speaks to Anand & Anand Senior Partner and Head of Trademarks, Commercial and Contractual IP Safir Anand.

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The new show hosted by Bithika Anand features stalwarts of the legal profession and makes an attempt to explore the person behind the lawyer.

In the show's newest episode, Anand speaks of impactful incidents in life, motivations, people who influenced him, hobbies and more.

Anand shared an important learning that if one is challenged, they must accept the challenge and do their best.

The outcome is not known, but do your best”, he said.  

He further said that he treated losing his father and facing financial adversity as an opportunity to embrace the legal profession.

Always in life there has been this hunger to look at adversity, opportunities, to do something different and to be self-serving to the cause of betterment of business.”

Discussing what motivates him, he stressed that first and foremost one must be self-motivated.

I carry a report card for myself, and I put that out to my team every week saying this is what I did.”

Anand further said that a lot of motivation in life comes from others’ mistakes which are captured in books such as autobiographies. He also explained that the more one learns, the better they become.

Also sharing his relationship with the higher power and spirituality, Anand said that he was a big believer in God.

For me God is not an identified God, but a feeling. I believe God gives you a lot of guidance, he’s like a mentor.”

The new show hosted by Bithika Anand will see eminent lawyers talking about transformative moments in their lives, their spiritual journey and insights that became clear only later on.

In a series of candid conversations, Anand will attempt to bring out the true selves of the guests in terms of depth of thought, and will explore their lighter sides, including their choices in entertainment, lifestyle, hobbies and interests.

Season One of the show has been shot virtually and will air exclusively on Bar & Bench's YouTube channel. Fresh episodes of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand will be aired every Friday.

Hosted By: Bithika Anand, Founder & CEO, Legal League Consulting and Human Elevation

Exclusive Telecast Partners: Bar & Bench

Conceptualised By: Legal League Consulting

Core Team: Nipun K Bhatiaa, Tejas Khurana and Kashish Grover from Legal League Consulting.

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