Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand: SNG & Partners Managing Partner Rajesh Narain Gupta

In the show's newest episode, Gupta speaks of the learning factors in his life, his motivations, philosophy in life, and advice to young lawyers.
Rajesh Narain Gupta
Rajesh Narain Gupta

In a new episode of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand, the host speaks to SNG & Partners Managing Partner, Rajesh Narain Gupta.

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The new show hosted by Bithika Anand features stalwarts of the legal profession and makes an attempt to explore the person behind the lawyer.

In the show's newest episode, Gupta speaks of the learning factors in his life, his motivations, his philosophy in life, and advice to young lawyers.

Discussing his greatest learning, Gupta said that a man must go by his integrity and as a lawyer one must charge money due by hours and not by what the client is making.

Perception and experience are very critical for a profession like us, so we should do such things that create the right perception.. It’s a noble profession at the end of the day, so we should not do anything questionable.”

Growth in all forms motivates Gupta, he shared while explaining that he believes one must do as many good things as possible.

He also shared that if he were not a lawyer, he would have been a journalist due to his love of writing and early experiences in the press.

Gupta added that he had made grave mistakes in his life. Therefore, his philosophy was not to judge anyone and learn from his mistakes.

I don’t want to be judgmental because people at times people make mistakes and when they do, they should accept it and move on.”

In advice to young lawyers, he asked them to keep dreaming but to do so with a plan. Gupta also said that they should keep experimenting and not be afraid of change.

Don’t worry if you succeed or not. It does not really matter. You have to first start doing what you feel is right”, he further said.

He also pointed out that young lawyers today are far more bright and informed that his generation was.

The problem that I face with generation is, they want to taste water in all the wells.. why do they need to leave a firm in one two or three months?”

Gupta ended by saying that spirituality for him was doing the right thing, and making sure people in one’s ecosystem were comfortable.

The new show hosted by Bithika Anand will see eminent lawyers talking about transformative moments in their lives, their spiritual journey and insights that became clear only later on.

In a series of candid conversations, Anand will attempt to bring out the true selves of the guests in terms of depth of thought, and will explore their lighter sides, including their choices in entertainment, lifestyle, hobbies and interests.

Season One of the show has been shot virtually and will air exclusively on Bar & Bench's YouTube channel. Fresh episodes of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand will be aired every Friday.

Hosted By: Bithika Anand, Founder & CEO, Legal League Consulting and Human Elevation

Exclusive Telecast Partners: Bar & Bench

Conceptualised By: Legal League Consulting

Core Team: Nipun K Bhatiaa, Tejas Khurana and Kashish Grover from Legal League Consulting.

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