"Supreme Court was faced with a balancing act", Ashim Sood on the Cryptocurrency judgment [VIDEO]

Ashim Sood
Ashim Sood

Ashim Sood says that the Supreme Court was faced with a balancing act in the instant case, where it was posed with questions pertaining to the RBI's powers to regulate virtual currency altogether.

The Court has gone ahead to uphold the powers of the RBI, but has also held that the rights of the citizens cannot be clipped disproportionately, Sood tells Bar & Bench.

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"We had challenged the very right of the RBI to regulate cryptocurrency and it is possible that the Supreme Court felt that in the merits of this case or facts of this case, maybe a correct interpretation could possibly disable the RBI, which is an important policy making arm, and perhaps wanted the RBI to be protected to that extent...so they protected the RBI but I think they have balanced it with protecting citizens' rights."
Ashim Sood
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This is evident from the fact that the Court held that the RBI circular was being set aside on grounds of proportionality.

The Court said that when the RBI has found no adverse effect of cryptocurrency on any of the entities the Central Bank governs, and when virtual currency itself faces no ban in the country, the circular did not meet proportional standards.

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