Vertices Partners, ICUL act on Agnikul Cosmos Series B funding round

Agnikul raised ₹208 crore from this funding round.
Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited
Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited

Spacetech Company Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited has secured ₹208 crore in its Series B funding round.

Vertices Partners was the counsel for Agnikul Cosmos in this funding round.

The transaction team was led by Siddharth Raja (Senior Partner) and Vani Panicker (Partner).

IC Universal Legal (Mumbai) led by Puneet Shah (Partner) represented Artha Venture Fund I, Artha Select Fund, Mayfield India II, Vistra ITCL (India) Limited, Speciale Invest Fund I and Speciale Invest Continuity Fund I in this funding round.

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