Delhi-based Law Firm Lawmen & White, Advocates & Solicitors is looking to hire Senior Associates in Defence Colony, New Delhi
Lawmen & White, Advocates & Solicitors

Delhi-based Law Firm Lawmen & White, Advocates & Solicitors is looking to hire Senior Associates in Defence Colony, New Delhi

We are a growing boutique Supreme Court law firm based out of Defence Colony, New Delhi. Apply now!

Delhi-based Law Firm Lawmen & White, Advocates & Solicitors is looking to hire Senior Associates with 6+ years of experience in Defence Colony, New Delhi.

  • Preference will be given to first generation lawyers with no family background in the legal profession.

  • We would be considering only those candidates, who are either based out of Delhi, or are willing to move to Delhi on a short notice.

  • The three vacancies would be distinct and cater to the separate practise areas, as enumerated below. Those who do not possess the relevant experience as mentioned below are discouraged from applying, as, in all probability, they would not be considered.

  • Candidates selected would be required to join on a one-month probation basis before being confirmed as a regular employee. No remuneration would be offered for the said probation period. This is a non-negotiable criterion, to enable us to understand your working as well as for the candidate to gauge the office environment.

  • However, any individual selected on probation basis would still, nevertheless, be eligible for a performance bonus, predicated on delivering substantial and outstanding results in any assigned matter.


Only Candidates with experience in the relevant field/ areas of law, as mentioned below would be considered, others need not apply.


  1. The Candidate must have had experience of handling at least 15-20 arbitration matters, from inception till conclusion, including execution and challenge to said awards.

  2. The Candidate is expected to mention the details of such matters, along with their exact role in the same.

  3. Preference would be given to those candidates who have experience in International Commercial Arbitrations.


  1. The Candidate must possess sufficient experience before NCLT/NCLAT, with good working knowledge of IBC.

  2. The Candidate must also possess sufficient acumen in handling mergers and acquisitions, amalgamations, share transfer and corporate restructuring processes, regulatory as well as statutory compliances.

  3. The Candidate is expected to mention the details of such matters before NCLT/NCLAT or mergers, acquisitions and restructuring processes that they have been a part of, along with their exact role in the same.

  4. Additional Preference will be given to those candidates possessing CS qualification.


  1. The Candidate must possess at least four years’ experience in criminal litigation.

  2. The Candidate must be proficient in handling all stages of criminal trial.

  3. Preference will be given to those candidates who have overseen and conducted criminal trials, in respect of CBI Courts, PMLA Courts and in connection with economic offences/white collar crimes.

  4. The Candidate is expected to mention the details of such trials, along with their exact role in the same.


  • Willing to take Full Responsibility: We are looking for people, with sufficient experience, who would be in a position to take full responsibility for matters assigned to them. There will be very little hand-holding in this regard. You will undoubtedly be rewarded, in case of success and equally so would be the case, in the event of the failure of the proposed strategy/ result not being delivered within stipulated deadlines.

  • Ability to come up with solutions to legal problems: We are especially looking for those individuals, who would be able to apply their mind to a given legal matter/issue and come up with a comprehensive strategy on how to address the same and drive the matter forward.

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet urgent deadlines: Many a times, matters are required to be drafted overnight and within extremely short notice. The Senior Associate is expected to step up and take the lead in such matters, and is expected to deliver a comprehensive draft with all appropriate grounds of challenge within the short time frame, such that only minimal and cosmetic changes are required before filing.

  • Teamwork and leadership skills: The Candidate is expected to integrate well within the existing team structure, and is also expected to co-ordinate and effectively motivate the team members to deliver good and effective results in high pressure situations.

  • Briefing of Senior Counsel: The Senior Associate is expected to be well-versed with all matters assigned so that he or she would be in a position to brief the Senior Advocate in the matter.


  • Must be proficient and have a functional command over language – both English and Hindi. The same must translate into the drafting as well.

  • Must be well read.

  • Must possess legal acumen - In the firm, we work in a collaborative manner and value the legal input of the entire team. Points for arguments or grounds suggested by our associates are much appreciated.

  • The ability to say no - If there is a discussion, where something may not be the best way forward, we expect our associates to bring the same to our knowledge. We are not looking for sheep who go grazing with the flock.

  • Grasping ability– Since we are a full-service law firm, we do not want specialists in any field. What we prize and value is an inherent ability to grasp and understand the core concepts of various arenas in law, to be able to effectively tackle the same.

  • Highest degree of professionalism and work ethic – The firm is not your average workplace where the partners leave early, and associates are left to work. The partners are usually in office well before others and are the last to leave. This level of work ethic is the norm.

  • Ability to multi-task – This is essential as we are a growing firm with an increasing workload.

  • Must be willing to learn – In this profession, our experience is simply an amalgamation of our mistakes over the years. Prudence and wisdom lie in not repeating them.

  • Must be motivated and driven to succeed in the profession – One must remember that at the end of the day, as a lawyer, it ultimately boils down to the lawyer and the judge - who does not really care about what office said lawyer is from. Therefore, we want our associates to be driven and continuously strive to improve, not for our benefit but for their own personal growth - as this would first benefit themselves in the profession, and only subsequently, the firm.

  • Must be legally inquisitive – The firm has a policy of discussing legal issues or relevant judgments once a week. The same is extremely important for our personal and professional growth. We always appreciate learning something new!

No. of positions: Three (3)

Remuneration Offered: Rs. 45,000 - 50,000 per month.

Application Procedure:

Suitable candidates can send their resumes along with a covering letter detailing their experience as mentioned hereinabove to

We are also reachable via phone on +91 11 40560226.

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