Abhishek Malhotra and team leave Bharucha to revive TMT Law Practice

Abhishek Malhotra and team leave Bharucha to revive TMT Law Practice

Pallavi Saluja

Abhishek Malhotra has revived TMT Law Practice along with his team, after a brief association with Bharucha & Partners.

Malhotra and DP Singh, who were part of Delhi-based law firm Arthe Law, had merged their practice with Bharucha & Partners in 2017.

While Abhishek Malhotra and his team of four have exited the firm, DP Singh and others continue to be part of Bharucha.

Confirming this development, Bharucha Senior Partner, Alka Bharucha said,

“As far as we know, Abhishek decided that he would be better placed to practice separately. Most of his original team remains with us. 4 lawyers including 2 freshers have also departed.”

In addition to the TMT practice, Malhotra will be focusing on diversifying across other service domains and industry sectors.

A more diverse Dispute Resolution offering, including International Commercial Arbitration and IBC-related matters are some of the new areas where the firm will seek to leverage its core strengths, according to a statement issued by TMT Law Practice.

TMT Law Practice shall operate from its erstwhile New Delhi office, and will also have a newly set up Mumbai office as well.

Malhotra commented,

“I am extremely pleased with the return to home turf and also humbled by the support of clients and colleagues in the industry for this new beginning.”

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