Agami launches COVID Rural Response Tracker

The COVID Rural Response Tracker is an effort to support the unprecedented civil society response to the pandemic through the power of ideas, resourcefulness and collaboration.
COVID Rural Response Tracker
COVID Rural Response Tracker

Agami has created a volunteer-driven effort to discover and list verified local initiatives in a highly searchable directory called the Covid Rural Response Tracker.

The Tracker, which was launched on May 8, now lists 250 verified initiatives.

Hundred plus volunteers, from age 15 to age 60, are working together to find and add up to 50 initiatives a day in the hope of putting 1,000 such initiatives in the nation's line of sight. The hope is that this tracker nudges people to find and support these small initiatives.

These volunteers research news and media, leverage networks and work the phones to find and verify initiatives. The Tracker enables anybody anywhere to find the rural initiative that calls to them and reach out and help.

Aside from citizens discovering initiatives they’d like to support, journalists are using the tracker to find compelling local initiatives, innovators are reaching out to local organizations to collaborate on solutions, and citizens are reaching out with other offers of help.

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