Bar & Bench: He is the greatest gentleman in this court, Justice Rohinton Nariman springs to the defence of AG KK Venugopal

Bar & Bench: He is the greatest gentleman in this court, Justice Rohinton Nariman springs to the defence of AG KK Venugopal

Shruti Mahajan

The hearing in Supreme Court today in the suo motu case initiated in the wake of allegations against CJI Ranjan Gogoi took a dramatic turn when Advocate Utsav Bains was strongly reprimanded by Justice Rohinton Nariman for making remarks about Attorney General KK Venugopal.

The hearing in the court today was pursuant to the claims raised by Bains that the sexual harassment allegations against the Chief Justice of India is part of a conspiracy.

The hearing was drawing to a close in Court room 4 of Supreme Court when Attorney General KK Venugopal told the Court that the stance by Bains that he will not disclose certain information as it was privileged, was not acceptable.

“I really don’t understand how a person can make certain allegations and claim rest is privileged.”

Venugopal said that he will address the Court on this issue when the case is taken up for further hearing tomorrow.

Bains objected to the same and said that Venugopal was making personal remarks against him. At this point, Justice Mishra said that Venugopal is the most respected member of the Bar.

Justice Nariman, who was a Junior to Venugopal during is time as a lawyer, was visibly miffed at Bains’s tone and conduct and echoed Justice Mishra’s thoughts. Justice Nariman pointed out to Bains that not only is Venugopal a respected figure in the legal fraternity but is also looked up to by everyone including the Judges and Bains ought not to raise any doubts on the Attorney General.  He even warned Bains of serious consequences if he raised an iota of doubt on Venugopal.

“You have no reason to have an iota of doubt on him. He is the most respected member of this Bar. We all look up to him. If you have an iota of doubt we will throw you out”

Bains then started to walk out of the Court stating,

“Since Nariman J. said he will throw me out, I will walk out myself.”

Justice Mishra, however, contained the situation by calling Bains back.

“If anybody attacks me personally, I will defend myself”, said Bains.

“Nobody is attacking you personally, Mr. Venugopal is the greatest gentleman in this court, we all learn from him,” Rohinton Nariman J. retorted.

The Bench will hear the case again tomorrow at 10.30 AM.

Yesterday, the Bench decided to summon Advocate Utsav Bains before the Court, to hear him on certain averments made by him claiming that there is a conspiracy to frame CJI Gogoi. Bains has filed an affidavit to this effect before the Supreme Court.

This morning, Bains submitted a sealed envelope containing information to the Bench, which deemed it as being very serious. The Bench was prompted to summon the Delhi Police Commissioner, the CBI Director and Intelligence Bureau Chief for an in chamber meeting at around 12 30 pm.

When the matter was taken up for hearing again at 3:00 pm, Bains handed over another sealed cover to the Bench. He also said that he would file another affidavit in the matter by 10:30 am tomorrow.

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