Lalit Bhasin (L) and Fali Nariman (R) at the Book Launch
Lalit Bhasin (L) and Fali Nariman (R) at the Book Launch

Limited edition coffee table book “Lalit Bhasin – A Lifetime Dedicated to Law” unveiled by Padma Bhushan Fali S Nariman

The book titled "Lalit Bhasin: A Lifetime Dedicated to Law" is a limited edition pictorial biography on the life of Dr Lalit Bhasin, President of the Bar Association of India and the Society of Indian Law Firms.

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A pictorial biography of the life and times of Dr Lalit Bhasin, President of the Bar Association of India and the Society of Indian Law Firms, was launched on Saturday by Senior Advocate, Fali S Nariman.

Covering eight decades, the coffee table book provides a comprehensive understanding of India’s legal society apart from chronicling Dr Bhasin’s life from his playschool days in pre-partition Rawalpindi, his rise in Delhi’s politico-legal groups, to the present day when he steps forward to celebrate his 58th year as a lawyer.

Releasing the book, Senior Advocate Nariman, said,

My good friend Lalit Bhasin, who had been the Secretary-General of the Bar Association of India (BAI) ever since the early 1990s and is now its President, has contributed immensely to the growth and success of legal profession. The achievements of the BAI could have never been accomplished without his unstinted support, help, and initiative.”

He commented further that

"The book is a masterpiece, a great recollection of events and I am glad to have been a part of most such events alongside my friend Lalit, with whom my association spans over four decades. The book ends with the favourite stanza of Pandit Nehru, written by Robert Frost: The woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep."

Speaking on Dr Bhasin’s achievements, KK Venugopal, Attorney General of India, said,

I have never seen a lawyer who has projected India to the legal community in so many countries. He has built bridges across the Asian region single-handedly. We are proud of him.

Dr Bhasin commented,

I am grateful to Mr KK Venugopal and Mr Fali S Nariman for releasing the book. I am both humbled and elated that my life’s journey has been so beautifully captured in this memoir. The book has taken me back to my childhood days and my journey over 80 years and has captured what I have been able to achieve during this period as a lawyer.”

The book titled "Lalit Bhasin: A Lifetime Dedicated to Law" is a limited edition pictorial biography on the life and times of Dr Lalit Bhasin and contains testimonial extracts from eminent persons such as Mukesh Ambani, KK Modi, KK Venugopal and Fali Nariman.

Enriched with hundreds of personal and professional photographs and replete with numerous interesting anecdotes, experiences and learnings of the distinguished 81-year-old lawyer, it is an anthology of his family history, childhood memories, personal life, professional journey, and unfulfilled dreams.

This book follows a multi-dimensional storytelling approach. While sharing personal events related to Dr Bhasin’s life, the narrative also provides a reflection of several important past and contemporary issues facing society. While this book provides crucial historical information on the growth of the legal profession in India from the late 1960s, it also deals with several poignant moments when he faced tragic incidents and emotional upheavals in his personal life.

During his nearly six-decade long association with the Bar Association of India (BAI), Dr Bhasin has served as its General Secretary, Vice President and President for almost half the period. He founded the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) in 2000 and has been its President since then.

As a strong proponent of mediation and amicable settlement as opposed to prolonged litigation, his role and efforts as Chairman of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (India) have been lauded by legal luminaries from across the world.

His efforts and work in protecting human rights; providing legal-aid to underprivileged, women, children and elderly; strengthening rule of law; raising voice against injustice and divisive forces; unifying the bar under Bar Association of India; and creating bonds with global institutions. Dr Bhasin has been associated with International Bar Association, Union Internationale des Avocats, Inter-Pacific Bar Association, LawAsia, American Bar Association, German Bar Association, among others.

The book is not only for those associated with the legal profession, but also for anyone with an interest in leadership, determination, self-discipline, and the strength to overcome hardships of life. It is a reflection of the ancestry, family history, childhood, professional journey, social life, and unfulfilled dreams of Dr Lalit Bhasin. Hundreds of personal and professional photographs are peppered with motivating stories, knowledges, and learnings.

The book launch event was attended by Dr Bhasin's wife, Nina Bhasin, three of his children Divya, Priya and Aditya, his niece Radhika and his grandson Arush Khanna. It took place during a small gathering at the Nariman residence.

A Compendium of Articles

Celebrating 60 glorious years of the Bar Association of India, KK Venugopal and Fali S Nariman also released, “The Constitution of India Celebrating and Calibrating 70 Years Compendium of Articles”, published by the Bar Association of India and edited by its President, Dr Lalit Bhasin.

These articles have been contributed by most distinguished lawyers, eminent judges, scholars and academicians, distinguished bureaucrats, outstanding politicians, stalwarts from other professions, well-known media personalities and journalists, political thinkers, and illustrious citizens of this country.

This is a compendium of contributions by a cross action of top leadership representing various segments of our society. The compendium is a first of its kind endeavour and puts together profound, thought-provoking, and critical analysis of the provisions, working, and implementation of India’s Constitution and is a celebratory gift to India’s intellectuals by the Bar Association of India.

The first copy of the Compendium will be presented to His Excellency the President of India on August 31, 2020 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.

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