Free 3-day online bootcamp on how to make career in mergers acquisition & investment law

LawSikho shows Non-NLU students a step-by-step roadmap to making a career in corporate law.
Free 3-day online bootcamp on how to make career in mergers acquisition & investment law

I did not go to an NLU. How can I become a Corporate Lawyer?

Has the notion that a non-NLU student is not going to get a job in a corporate law firm been stopping you from aiming high?

There is a popular belief that top law firm jobs always go to people from a National Law University, and that NLU students are preferred for any law firm job.

There are good reasons. Some HRs refuse to shortlist anyone who is not from a top NLU. Some job advertisements openly state that nobody but those from top 5 NLUs should apply.

Many law students think that the doors to a high-paying job in a corporate law firm are shut if they are not from an NLU.

Well, NLU students and even many NLU grads would like you to believe this, but it is not true.

While students from certain NLUs may have it easier than other law students because of an active placement cell and annual campus placements, the doors to a law firm are not shut to others. However, non-NLU students definitely need a more systematic and thorough approach.

Data of top law firms here:

- AZB & Partners recruited 46 freshers recently for their Delhi and Mumbai office in 2021, 25 out of 46 recruited are from non-NLU (more than 50%)

- Khaitan & Co. onboarded 49 freshers in October 2020, 10 were from non-NLUs (more than 20%)

- Even promotions at partner level makes it clear that there are plenty of non-NLU people thriving in top law firms

Several of LawSikho's students who are not from NLUs have secured jobs in good law firms.

Nritika Sangwan, a law graduate from Army Law School, Mohali, secured a job offer from Bharucha & Partners.

Fauzia Khan, a graduate from Jitendra Chauhan College of Law, received a job offer from Dhir & Dhir Associates.

Sneha Inampudi, graduate from SVD Siddhartha Law College, Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh received a job offer from Fox Mandal & Co.

Apurv Umredkar and Satyam Singh Pal, graduates from KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar, received job offers from Samvad Partners.

Some of them are cracking opportunities at top law firms as well.

Anisha Dash, a Symbiosis Law School, Pune graduate received a job offer from AZB & Partners,

2 students from the 2021 batch of Christ University received job offers from Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas (CAM) and Khaitan & Co.,

Yamini Jain and Rashmi Birmole, graduates from ILS Law College, Pune received a job offer from AZB & Partners and Finsec Law Advisors respectively.

These are the results of only some of LawSikho's students who are not from NLUs.

Even if you are not from an NLU, getting a good job in a law firm is very much doable.

Do you want to know more about what you need to do to achieve such success?

How can you get the same or even better opportunities than any NLU student?

LawSikho will show you the roadmap step-by-step.

Does this only work for law students? Is there something people who are already practicing law can do?

If you have already graduated, even then you can achieve these results. The route will be different, and it will take 2 years (generally speaking, some people do it much faster too). LawSikho will tell you exactly how and what to do in the bootcamp.


Attend LawSikho's 3-day bootcamp from 30 April - 2 May, 6pm - 9pm on all days, which will show you how its students achieve incredible results and pursue their passion in M&A and investment laws. Not only will the entire roadmap be revealed to you, you will also be told all the roadblocks you are likely to face along the way and how to overcome them.

So that at least some of you can replicate this process for yourself and make LawSikho proud.

If you have not registered yet, do that now here.

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