CAN Foundation announces Scholars under Project Ekalavya 2023; ₹51 lakhs awarded to 61 law students

Project Eklavya is an initiative to fund the education of deserving but underprivileged undergraduate students of NLUs. ₹51 lakhs has been distributed this year to 61 students across 18 NLUs.
Eklavya 2023
Eklavya 2023

The Confederation of Alumni for National Law Universities (CAN Foundation) has awarded scholarships to 61 undergraduate students from 18 National Law Schools (NLUs) across India as part of the latest edition of Project Ekalavya.

Project Eklavya is an initiative to fund the education of deserving, but underprivileged undergraduate students of NLUs with an aim to uplift them.

The aggregate amount of scholarships awarded this year under two categories of scholars, that is, “Extreme Hardships” and “Hardships with Exceptional Merits”, is ₹51 lakhs.

Project Eklavya 2023 received a record breaking 90+ applications from 20+ NLUs, which were subjected to a robust two-tier selection procedure, wherein applications were strictly scrutinised by Selection Committees comprising distinguished legal professionals.

A carefully nominated tier-1 scrutiny committee shortlisted the candidates, after which a three-member high-powered selection committee reviewed and finalised the applications.

Prominent young members of the legal fraternity with a minimum of 12-15 years of experience at the Bar were part of the tier-1 scrutiny committee. It consisted of: Advocates-on-Record Amalpushp Shroti, B. Raghunath, Pragati Neekhra, T Singhdev, K Parmeshwar, Mrigank Prabhakar, J Sai Deepak and Registrar of IAMC, Hyderabad Tariq Khan.

Tier-1 Scrutiny Committee for Eklavya 2023
Tier-1 Scrutiny Committee for Eklavya 2023

The three-member High-Powered Selection Committee (HPSC) for Eklavya 2023 this year was headed by Justice L Nageswara Rao. It also comprised Pallavi Shroff, Managing Partner at SAM & Co. and Senior Advocate Ritin Rai.

High-Powered Selection Committee for Eklavya 2023
High-Powered Selection Committee for Eklavya 2023

After carefully deliberating on several applications and the quantum of assistance to be provided to the applicants, the scholars entitled to receive scholarship were categorised into two classes of cases by the HPSC:

● Category A: Cases of Extreme Hardship: Candidates who were undergoing acute financial distress and whose cumulative family income was below ₹2 lakhs were shortlisted under this category. Such scholars were also categorised by the loss of a parent(s) or in the event that parent(s) are undergoing serious medical treatments or financial hardships. These candidates have managed their education till now by taking out loans or have tapped into limited family savings, thus putting them at high risk.

● Category B: Cases of Hardships with Exceptional Merit: The candidates whose annual cumulative family income was above ₹2 lakhs but below ₹8 lakhs were shortlisted under this category. These candidates have insufficient family income to sustain their education and face other hindrances in pursuing their education.

After shortlisting by the Scrutiny Committee, the HSPC recommended 61 candidates in total from both categories, who have been accorded scholarships under Eklavya 2023.

On the successful conclusion of Eklavya, 2023, Siddharth R Gupta, CEO of CAN Foundation said:

"As we embark on another promising year at Eklavya, we reflect on the profound impact our scholarship program has had on countless students nationwide. This benchmark of ₹51 lakhs could have never been possible without the trust and confidence reposed by Senior members of the Bar, as also former Judges from the Bench, who came forward generously to fund the education of scholars in such large numbers. With the help of Seniors and elders, we continue to dismantle financial barriers, paving the way for aspiring minds to soar unhindered towards their dreams. Our vision transcends boundaries, resonating with students far and wide, propelling them towards greatness with every opportunity we offer. At CAN, we relentlessly pursue and constantly march towards our goal of ensuring that every student's aspirations and talent meets its due recognition, serving as the catalyst for their pursuit of excellence in their chosen endeavours."

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