Certificate cohort on contract drafting and negotiation by LegalEdge Law School and J Sagar Associates

The batch starts on 20 May 2023.
Certificate cohort on contract drafting and negotiation by LegalEdge Law School and J Sagar Associates

In today's fast-paced business environment, possessing the skills to navigate contracts effectively is vital for career success.

With this vision LegalEdge Law School by Toprankers in collaboration with J Sagar Associates has designed a comprehensive 6-week cohort to equip candidates with the expertise required to thrive in this critical field starting from 20 May 2023.

The entire cohort will be delivered by 7 JSA Partners, who over the period of 6-weeks will help candidates master the art of drafting precise and impactful contracts, ensuring clarity, reducing legal risks, and bolstering business relationships.

In addition to this, they will help candidates discover the secrets of persuasive negotiation techniques that will empower them to secure advantageous terms, protect their interests, and achieve win-win outcomes.

Led by industry experts, the immersive curriculum focuses on 100% skill-based learning, enabling candidates to apply learnings in real-world scenarios, stand out from the competition and position themself as a highly sought-after professional who can safeguard legal and financial interests while driving business growth.


  • Law Students looking to excel during their internship and build a successful career in the corporate field.

  • Practicing Advocates who are aiming to advance their skillset around drafting and looking for more exploration in the legal field.

  • Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries targeting to master in contracts and other legal documents.

  • In-house Counsels aiming to master the skills of contract drafting and negotiating with clients.

  • Academicians seeking to gain additional knowledge about the practical understanding of the subject.

  • Anybody interested in learning contract drafting and negotiation to stand out in the job market.


  • Internship Opportunity with JSA

The top-performing 5-7 students from the cohort will get a chance to intern with JSA in the coming semester.

  • Expert Led Live and Interactive Classes

The session will be delivered through live and interactive classes led by Partners from JSA. Candidates will have the opportunity to directly interact with the them, ask questions and clear doubts, making the learning process more engaging and effective.

  • Weekend-only Sessions and Convenient Timings

To fit busy schedules, the cohort is strategically divided into six weeks of comprehensive learning, with classes of about 3 hours per day scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Immersive Learning Experience

The course is designed to provide a skill-based learning experience through case studies and live examples. Candidates will learn the art of drafting and negotiation in a practical manner, enabling them to hone their skills more effectively.

  • Practical Weekly Assignments

Candidates will be evaluated through weekly practical assignments and get the chance to showcase practical skills to the experts.

  • Doubt Clearing and Feedback Sessions

Candidates can get their doubts cleared and receive personalized feedback on their assignments during the live sessions to understand areas where they need improvement and strengthening of skillset.

  • Templates and Study Material

Candidates will have access to carefully curated study material and templates to help them better understand the concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios.

  • Recorded Sessions

The session recordings are accessible for up to 6 months after the course, so candidates can go through the learning at their convenience and don't miss out on any essential skill.

  • Certification

To testament the newfound skills, upon successful completion of the course and assignments within the stipulated time, candidates will receive a certificate of completion and to appreciate the excellent performance of the participants, they will be awarded with a certificate of merit.


  • Arrchana A Panchall- Partner, J. Sagar Associates

  • Aditya Rathi- Partner, J. Sagar Associates

  • Sarvesh Kumar Saluja- Partner, J. Sagar Associates

  • Prakriti Jaiswal- Partner, J. Sagar Associates


  • Udhav Gulati- Partner, J. Sagar Associates

  • Utsav Johri - Partner, J. Sagar Associates

  • Yajas Setlur- Partner, J. Sagar Associates

Module I:  General Introduction

1. Explaining common concepts;

2. Formation of an Agreement, explaining concepts such as:

1.1.Offer, Acceptance and Promise

1.2.Communication, Acceptance and Revocation of Proposals

1.3.Agreement and Contract

3. Concept of consideration;

4. Capacity to contract;

5. Essentials of a contract, such as:

1.4.Competency to a Contract;

1.5.Concept of free consent;


1.7. Lawful Object; and


6. Voidable Contracts and Void Agreements

7. Contingent Contracts

8. Performance and discharge of a contract and its various modes.

Module II: Introduction to Contract Drafting

1. General Introduction to contract drafting:

2. Understanding the drafting process; and

3. Glossary of important terms used in a contract, such as:

1.1.Battle of the Forms,

1.2.Boilerplate, Covenant,


1.4.Entire Agreement,


1.6.Governing Law,

1.7.Joint Venture,

1.8.Letter of Intent,



1.11.Sunset Clause,



1.14.Performance Guarantees etc.,

4.Fundamental Rules of Drafting Contract, such as:

5. Elements of a contract

6. Structuring a contract,

7. Role of language,

8. Drafting techniques

Module III: Drafting of Contractual Instrument

1. Drafting of pre-contractual instruments, such as:


1.2.Term sheet;

1.3.Letter of intent; and

1.4.Non-disclosure agreement

2. Introductory clauses, such as:


2.2.Parties Clause;

2.3.Recitals Clause; and

2.4.Definitions and Interpretation Clause.

3. Drafting of various operatory clauses in a contract, such as:


3.2.Payment Obligations

3.3.Representations and warranties


3.5.Condition precedent

3.6.Condition subsequent

3.7.Risk Allocation Clauses

3.8.Invoicing process/Disputed Invoices

4. Setoff/ Adjustments.

5. Endgame clauses, such as:

5.1.Exit Clauses





5.6.Dispute Resolution, Governing law and Jurisdiction

5.7.Force Majeure

6. Boilerplate clauses, such as:


6.2.Choice of law,

6.3.Choice of forum

6.4.Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure






6.10.Intellectual Property


Module IV: Concluding a Contract and Post Contractual Obligations

  1. Closing a contract;

  2. Contractual validity;

  3. Process of execution;

  4. Amendments; and

  5. Breach of Contract.

Module V: Negotiating a Contract

  1. What is Negotiation;

  2. Planning and preparing for Negotiations;

  3. Elements affecting negotiations;

  4. Negotiation techniques; and

  5. Process of negotiations.

Module VI: Drafting of various important contracts/agreements

1. Rent and Lease Agreements

2. Leave and License agreement

3. Financing Agreements

3.1.Term Loan Agreements


3.3.Power of Attorney

3.4.Escrow Agreements

3.5.Mortgage Deed

4. Shareholder Agreement

5. Partnership Deed

6. LLP Agreements

7. Software Development Agreement

8. Cloud Computing Services Agreement

9. Purchase and Supply Agreement

10. Contract Manufacturing Agreement

11. Franchisee and Licensing Agreement

12. Employment Agreement/ Service Agreements/Consultancy


Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your career! Enrol today in the certificate cohort on contract drafting and negotiation and embark on a transformative journey towards professional excellence.

Batch starts from: 20 May 2023

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