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Rajasthan HC sets aside NLU Jodhpur Anti-Ragging Committee’s suspension orders

Rajasthan HC sets aside NLU Jodhpur Anti-Ragging Committee’s suspension orders

Meera Emmanuel

The Rajasthan High Court has set aside suspension orders passed against two students of NLU Jodhpur by the Anti-Ragging Committee formed by the University.

Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog, who is also the Chancellor of the University, set aside the suspensions after an appeal was preferred against the same.

Last July, the Anti-Ragging Committee had initiated an inquiry following the withdrawal of a first year student on allegations of ragging. The Committee had unanimously concluded that six of the accused students were guilty.

The instant appeal was preferred by Pranav Pramod and Shreyansh Bhandari, both of whom had been suspended for a year by the Committee.

Advocate Naman Mohnot, who represented the appellants, has argued that the initiated proceedings, as well as review procedure thereafter, were ridden with irregularities. Inter alia, it has been contended that show cause notice was furnished only after the suspension order was passed. Further, the appellants have not been mentioned in the detailed statement given by the main complainant.

The Chief Justice made note of the cryptic nature of the testimony recorded by the Committee, as well as certain discrepancies in the punishment meted out to the students.

In particular, the appellants were observed to have been given a relatively harsher punishment, even though the complainant attributed stronger roles to other co-accused.

It therefore remains [in]explainable as to how Pranav Pramod and Shreyansh Bhandari have been held to be directly involved in the incident of ragging and have been inflicted with a graver penalty by Manas Khandelwal against whom Sayush Gupta alleged to have touched him and pushed him and Achal Nath ahainst whom he alleged worst role, were let-off with a lesser penalty vide order dated 06/07/2017. The same were maintained post hearing held in review.

On this ground, the Chancellor saw it fit to aside the penalty and thereby close the chapter.

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