CLAT 2018 comes with an improved interface – Rajneesh Singh

CLAT 2018 comes with an improved interface – Rajneesh Singh

CLAT Mentor Rajneesh Singh offers his take on the new interface for CLAT 2018.

Though the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) has had lots of problems in the past, it is also true that it is the exam which has the least errors. The organisers have also learnt from the mistakes and have been improving every year.

For CLAT 2018, they have improved the interface. Here are the pros and cons, and the myths you should avoid.


  • The color scheme is very soothing.
  • The navigation is much better.
  • Now, one can increase and decrease the size of the text. This is a very important feature.
  • The pallets are better placed and the distance from the question is lesser now.
  • The tag/detag and navigation buttons have better names. (Note – Everyone does not take mocks)
  • The questions and options are placed up and down. Previously it was side by side. In the previous case, lots of space was wasted. This way space, is better utilized and scrolling will be lesser in case questions are lengthy.
  • Section tabs are placed better and nearer.
  • The right bottom corner shows the total number of attempts in four categories separately (attempted, tagged, tagged with a tick and attempted)


  • There will be no section tabs.
  • These changes will create problems
  • Instructions discourages candidates to use the ‘Next Question’ tab multiple times, as it will lead to the page freezing, followed by restarting of the test. (Actually, this is very sound advice by CLAT. Often, students, instead of using the pallet buttons, use ‘next’ button several times for switching to a question which is far and not the immediate next).

Problems (if any)

  • Since the mock tests by training institutes have been provided in the old format, students may face some inconvenience if they are highly accustomed to that format.


  • Practice the demo official tests
  • Understand that there is actually no problem at all, and even if it was a problem, everyone would face it.
  • The admit card says there will be a demo on how to use the interface before the exam
  • Do not get into rumors

Wishing all of you lots of luck.

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