Karnataka High Court
Karnataka High Court

Collegium recommends appointment of Five Judicial officers as Karnataka High Court Judges

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The Supreme Court Collegium today recommended that appointment of five judicial officers as Additional Judges of the Karnataka High Court.

As per a statement issued today, the following judicial officers have been recommended for elevation as judges of the Karntaka High Court:

  • Shivashankar Amarannavar

  • M Ganeshaiah Uma

  • Vedavyasachar Srishananda

  • Hanchate Sanjeevkumar

  • Padmaraj Nemachandra Desai

The statement issued by the Collegium today states:

"The Supreme Court Collegium in its meeting held on 20th April, 2020, has approved the proposal for elevation of the following Judicial Officers as Judges of the Karnataka High Court: 1. Shri Shivashankar Amarannavar, 2. Smt. M. Ganeshaiah Uma, 3. Shri Vedavyasachar Srishananda, 4. Shri Hanchate Sanjeevkumar, and 5. Shri Padmaraj Nemachandra Desai."

Collegium Statement

View the statement:

Additional Judges - Karnataka HC.pdf
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