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Collegium recommends six lawyers to be appointed judges of Calcutta High Court

Collegium recommends six lawyers to be appointed judges of Calcutta High Court

Murali Krishnan

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the names of six lawyers for elevation as judges of Calcutta High Court. This was by way of two separate resolutions passed yesterday.

The following are the advocates whose names have been recommended:

Jaytosh Majumdar

Amitesh Banerjee

Raja Basu Chowdhury

Lapita Banerji

Sakya Sen

Kausik Chanda

By way of one resolution, the Supreme Court Collegium considered names of nine lawyers for elevation. These were Dibyendra Narayana Ray, Jaytosh Majumdar, Sagar Bandyopadhyay, Amitesh Banerjee, Raja Basu Chowdhury, Manju Bhuteria, Vineeta Meharia, Lapita Banerji and Sakya Sen. These names were recommended by the High Court Collegium in December 2018.

The Supreme Court Collegium consulted their colleagues conversant with the affairs of the Calcutta High Court. The Collegium also considered the material placed by the Department of Justice and also interacted with the candidates.

Based on the above, the Collegium found that Jaytosh Majumdar, Amitesh Banerjee, Raja Basu Chowdhury, Lapita Banerji and Sakya Sen are suitable for elevation to as judges.

The names of Dibyendra Narayana Ray, Sagar Bandyopadhyay, Manju Bhuteria and Vineeta Meharia were, however, remitted back the High Court

The name of Kausik Chanda was recommended by way of a second resolution. By way of that resolution, the Collegium considered two names – Ranajit Chhaterjee and Kausik Chanda. The Collegium cleared the name of Chanda.

However, as regards Ranajit Chatterjee, having regard to the material on record and all relevant factors including the fact that his average net professional income was below the prescribed income limit, the Collegium took view that his name deserves to be remitted to the High Court.

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