Meghalaya High Court (L) and Andhra Pradesh High Court (R)
Meghalaya High Court (L) and Andhra Pradesh High Court (R)

Coronavirus: Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya High Courts issue precautionary measures, only urgent matters to be heard for next two weeks

Aishwarya Iyer

The Andhra Pradesh and Meghalaya High Court have issued notifications to implement preventative measures regarding the functioning of the Court due to minimise the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus.

It has been informed that the Courts would only take up hearing of urgent matters, on receiving a request by the concerned parties to do so. This pattern may continue for a period of two weeks till the end of the month.

Any interim relief or stay granted would continue till the normal functioning resumes, as per the notifications.

The measures include avoidance of mass gatherings in and around the High Court premises, continuous sanitation of the premises along with provision of sanitisers in the premises for advocates, staff and other visitors.

The Section Officer of the Andhra Pradesh High Court has been asked to provide masks to the staff if need be. Advocates can obtain them from the Protocol Section.

The Registry has been further directed to request the Government to depute Medical Officers and Paramedical Staff to the Andhra High Court, to scan the advocates and litigants at entry gates for symptoms.

Further, the Bar association in Andhra Pradesh has been asked to discourage the Advocates from appearing in the court unless it is unavoidable, among other measures to decongest the Court.

The Andhra High Court also asked the Registrar to display boards mentioning precautionary measures after consulting with the medical experts. While abstaining from biometric attendance it has been further added that any absence of staff would be treated as them being on duty.

Among other measures, the Meghalaya High Court has added that the remand of any accused would be given by video conferencing to avoid overcrowding in the lockup attached to the Court premises.

The Court has also notified that the roster be fixed in such a manner that all Courts work periodically without any overcrowding.

[Read the Notifications here]

Andhra Pradesh HC Corona Notification.pdf.pdf
Meghalaya High Court Corona Notification.pdf
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