Burgeon Law announces 5-day work-week and ‘2+3 hybrid working model’ in encouragement of life-work balance

The announcement comes in the light of the firm’s commitment to promote life-work harmony and also to avoid a drastic change of working style post-Covid period
Burgeon Law
Burgeon Law

Burgeon Law has announced a 5-day work week with a ‘2+3 hybrid working model’ for its team members.

Roma Priya, Founder, Burgeon Legal, elaborated the reasons for the announcement

We balance the polarities of being agile, yet peaceful. During the pandemic, working from home was the default way of functioning for us. All of us at Burgeon developed a regime where we could seamlessly connect and service clients from different locations.

We even changed our best practices manual during the first wave itself, requesting our team members to invest the time saved in commuting to and from office into developing a hobby, spending time with loved ones, personal recreation, exercise & fitness, meditation and mindfulness. A sudden uprooting of all this, just because we can afford to be in the office physically, didn’t make sense to us.”  

Roma Priya - Burgeon Law
Roma Priya - Burgeon Law

She further added,

There is no debate on the effectiveness of a hybrid working model. The pandemic gave us a great opportunity to re-imagine work around the new remote reality. We are also mindful of the fact that physical interaction is the cornerstone of collaboration and teamwork. We couldn’t afford the teams to work in silos. A hybrid working model combines the best of both – working from office in a close-knit environment and a remote-working setup. World over, hybrid working is allowing service providers to move at the pace of the market. In our ‘2+3 hybrid working model’, the firm has strategically taken a call to provide work from home on Mondays & Fridays, considering that the start and end of a work week usually are fast-paced and high-energy days in terms of planning and execution of deliverables,”

Abhay Vohra, Partner, expressed support to Priya’s views and added,

Burgeon Law is a staunch supporter of embracing practices that promote mental and physical well-being. The ‘on-our-toes’ environment all of us function in, could lead to swift burnout if we do not address the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Roma and I stay committed to making Burgeon Law’s office a place that our team looks forward to coming to. Anyone visiting our office on a Thursday evening will catch us either in a cultural engagement or engrossed in a game of dumb-charades, quiz, fun-facts, crosswords, and so on. Frequent breaks from work are encouraged to promote concentration.

Most importantly, the office has also been designed ergonomically in such a manner that our team members can choose to operate from work desks, lounge sofas or even standing workstations

The firm is working with the team of Legal League Consulting comprising Founder & CEO Bithika Anand, President Nipun K Bhatiaa and Senior Consultant Shubham Malhotra in building teamwork as its greatest asset and develop a culture of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and best practices that foster efficiencies in delivering world-class service.

The firm had, earlier this year, onboarded Abhisshek Singlla as an Associate Partner, taking the Partner count at the firm to 3 (three). The firm is a one-stop destination for all legal matters for start-ups, founders, incubators, angel investors, venture capitalists, and equity funds and has advised various clients on their domestic and cross-border investments, mergers & acquisitions, transaction structuring, technology transfer, and private equity/seed/venture capital funding.

Burgeon Law
Burgeon Law

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