First Indian Director at ICC Court Abhinav Bhushan joins Drew & Napier

Most recently, Bhushan was International Arbitrator, Member and Chief Executive for Asia at 39 Essex Chambers.
Abhinav Bhushan
Abhinav Bhushan

Former Director, South Asia of the ICC International Court of Arbitration Abhinav Bhushan has joined Singaporean law firm Drew & Napier as Director (Foreign Law), Dispute Resolution.

Bhushan is an international arbitration specialist who has acted as counsel and arbitrator under the rules of major arbitral institutions. Most recently, he was International Arbitrator, Member and Chief Executive for Asia at 39 Essex Chambers.

One of the region’s specialists in international arbitration, Bhushan was the first Indian Director at the ICC International Court of Arbitration, where he helped set up the ICC’s first case management team in Singapore in collaboration with the Government of Singapore. Before this role, he was the first Indian lawyer to be appointed by the ICC Court as Deputy Counsel for the Commonwealth team in the Paris office in 2012.  

He now joins the team at Drew & Napier - headed by Director Mahesh Rai - which specialises in complex international arbitration and litigation.

On Bhushan's joining, Mahesh Rai said in a press release,

Abhinav needs no introduction – he is one of the outstanding names in arbitration in India and the region. We are very excited to have Abhinav join our team where he will no doubt contribute to the bench strength of our dispute resolution practice.

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking at 39 Essex Chambers Lindsay Scott commented that she is “very sad that Abhinav is leaving us as he has been an incredible member of our team but know he will be a wonderful asset to Drew & Napier and wishes him all the best. They are very lucky to have attracted him.”

On his decision to join Drew & Napier, Bhushan told Bar & Bench that he is very grateful to be joining a firm like Drew & Napier and looks forward to the next chapter in his professional journey.

Bhushan, who is an alumnus of the Government Law College, Mumbai and Columbia Law School, New York, represents clients in international arbitration and dispute resolution with a focus on India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and Europe.

He sits as an arbitrator in ICC, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) and ad hoc matters panning sectors such as shipping, energy, aviation and construction. He is also empanelled as an arbitrator at the SIAC’s Reserve Panel, Shanghai Arbitration Commission (SHAC), Vienna International Arbitration Centre (VIAC), and Asia International Arbitration Centre (AIAC). He also serves on the Governing Council of International Arbitration & Mediation Centre (IAMC), Hyderabad.

Recognising Bhushan's deep knowledge of the Indian and South-Asian jurisdictions, Partner at Hanotiau & van den Berg, Prof Bernard Hanotiau said,

“I have known Abhinav as someone deeply committed to the practice of international arbitration. His diverse experiences of working with the ICC in both Europe and Asia, acting as an arbitrator in complex cases, as well as his incredible ability to build meaningful and trusting relationships, mark him as a future leader in our field.”

Vice President of the ICC and former Attorney General for Singapore VK Rajah SC commented,

“If past is prologue, Abhinav will make his mark as an outstanding advocate.”

Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, remarked, “Abhinav is extremely smart, with a deep business acumen and unique understanding of the Asian legal market.”

Senior Advocate Ciccu Mukhopadhyay added,

“Abhinav’s has been at the forefront of this generation of Indian lawyers who have made an impact in international arbitration all over the world. His knowledge of institutional rules and appreciation for the cultural and legal differences set him up to be one of the best young practitioners in the field.”

Head of AZB & Partners' dispute resolution team in Delhi VP Singh said,

“Abhinav is a fantastic international arbitration professional. Drew will not only benefit from his arbitration experience but also his institutional memory.”

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