HSA Advocates promotes 5 to partnership

HSA Advocates promotes 5 to partnership
HSA Partner Promotions 2020

HSA Advocates has promoted five lawyers to partnership.

  • Abhirup Dasgupta

  • Akshay Malhotra

  • Nitish Gupta

  • Pratik Ghose

  • Puja Priyadarshini

‘I am quite pleased with the latest round of promotions. We have undergone significant expansion over the last year and these promotions are not just a recognition of the resident key talent and outstanding performers, but also a tribute to the all-round efforts of these colleagues in helping us realize our goals as a firm. This year’s promotions also carry a special meaning for me in as much as they epitomise our continuing focus on gender balance and commitment to creating a positive work environment and a level playing field in terms of opportunities, exposure and recognition for women lawyers in HSA.’
Hemant Sahai, Managing Partner
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