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Migrants Home Ministry

[COVID-19 Lockdown]: MHA to allow movement of migrant workers, students, tourists after screening

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The Ministry of Home Affairs today issued an order today allowing for the movement of the persons stranded in places outside their home States amid the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The category of persons whose movement has been allowed by the MHA in its latest order includes migrant workers, students, pilgrims, tourist, et al, standed at a place other than the place of their residence.

This order is in continuation of the MHA's previous orders and also details the modalities for facilitating such a back migration of stranded persons.

The States and Union Territories are required to designate nodal authorities and develop a protocol system for receiving and sending such persons from their jurisdiction.

In case of inter-State movement, the sending and receiving States may consult each other before allowing such movement which can be undertaken by road.

The MHA's order specifies that only the persons found to be asymptomatic after screening will be allowed to move and buses shall be used for ferrying groups of people. These buses would have to be sanitized and social distancing shall be maintained while ferrying such passengers.

On reaching the destination, the receiving authorities would take necessary steps for the home quarantine or if needed, institutional quarantine of such incoming persons. There would have to be regular follow ups and health check ups.

Read the Order:

MHA order on movement of migrants.pdf
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