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[COVID-19 Lockdown] SC lists "short category" matters that may be taken up for hearing along with Death Penalty and family law cases

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The Supreme Court has published a list clarifying the case categories that have been notified as "short category" matters in 2017 and which may be taken up for hearing by the Court in addition to family law and death penalty cases during its restricted functioning amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

These class of matters were classified as short category matters by the competent authority in January 2017.

In its circular earlier this month, the Supreme Court had stated that the Apex Court may hear short category cases, family law cases, and death penalty cases via video conferencing with the permission of the Chief Justice of India and subject to availability of the Bench.

In furtherance of the circular, these categories have now again been listed by the Court for clarity.

These categories include Rent Act matters pertaining to eviction, arrears of rent, and enhancement of rent, Compensation cases pertaining to motor vehicles accident, insurer or owner's liability, liabilities arising from matters outside of MV Act, among others.

Criminal cases pertaining to Section 125 of the CrPC i.e. for maintenance, bail and anticipatory bail, as well as transfer petitions under Article 139A(2) of the Constittuion and Section 406 of the CrPC, are also included in short category matters.

Transfer petitions under Article 139A(1) of the Constitution of India and Section 25 of the CPC are the class of civil matters which constitute short category matters which can be taken up for hearing.

The Supreme Court, in its earlier circular on April 18 had also instructed the parties wishing to move such matters for hearing through video conferencing to furnish their joint consent alongwith particulars of the matter at the earliest, and latest by April 24, 2020 to the email address:

Read the Circular listing short category matters:

Short Category matters - list.pdf
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