Karan Singh
Karan Singh

[Exclusive]: "An inter-generational transition is an important part of this journey", Trilegal on its new governance structure

Trilegal elects Management Committee for the first time in twenty years.

Pallavi Saluja

The Trilegal partnership recently approved a new governance structure, which will include a Management Committee and an expanded Board.

“We have, from the very beginning, been committed to the idea of building an institution. An inter-generational transition is an important part of this journey. We are pleased that we have taken an important step in that direction.“
Trilegal Founder and Senior Partner Karan Singh

Under this new governance structure, the Management Committee of the firm will be elected into office. The two newly elected Management Committee members are Sridhar Gorthi and Nishant Parikh.

Sridhar is a founder and Nishant is one of the earliest non-founder partners at Trilegal. Both are graduates of NLSIU, Bangalore. Nishant had joined the firm in 2005, and was made Partner in 2008.

Sridhar Gorthi and Nishant Parikh
Sridhar Gorthi and Nishant Parikh
At Trilegal, we have always been focused on institution building. One of the key attributes of a sustainable institution is a proper structure for transition of management. Given that we have an all equity partnership with every partner having an equal vote, an elected management was a logical next step. I look forward to working with Nishant to further build on the solid foundation created over the last 20 years.
Sridhar Gorthi
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