Flexitime, Work from Home, etc: Khaitan launches new leave policy

Flexitime, Work from Home, etc: Khaitan launches new leave policy

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Set working hours and long commutes to office may become a thing of the past for lawyers of Khaitan & Co. The firm has launched a new leave policy that features flexible work hours and an option to work from home, among other new introductions.

With effect from November 1, the new work hours at the firm are 9:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday, with weekends off.  Khaitan has introduced Flexitime for all members of the firm, giving its lawyers the option to work flexible work hours. This subject to the overall working hours in a day not being less that 9 hours. Physical presence in office is mandatory from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

As part of its “agile working” policy, the firm has introduced the option of work from home for 12 days in a calendar year.

The firm has also introduced reinstatement of leave dependent on the number of days a member has worked for more than 7 hours a day when on planned leave.

The other changes include five days for Marriage Leave, fourteen days for Paternity Leave, and reduced work hours for three months, for mothers who rejoin the firm after Maternity Leave.

With a view to addressing the taxing schedules of corporate lawyers, the firm has introduced Recuperation Leave for firm members who do intense work on a continuous basis. Members who have completed five continuous years with the firm are also eligible for a three-month Sabbatical Leave.

A statement from Khaitan reads,

“With these and a few more changes in the pipeline, we hope to have world class people policies, practices & processes in place.”

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