Jharkhand High Court
Jharkhand High Court

Jharkhand High Court suspends note mentioned under Rule 48(3) of the High Court Rules for 3 months to ease filing of urgent bail pleas

Rintu Mariam Biju

The Jharkhand High Court has notified that the "note" envisaged under Rule 48(3) of the High Court of Jharkhand Rules has been suspended for a period of three months.

It was earlier reported in order to facilitate filing of extremely urgent bail or anticipatory bail applications, the Registry would take necessary steps for the suspension of the Note in Rule 48 (3) for authorizing a Notary in every district before whom affidavits may be sworn to move applications.

Rule 48 (3) deals with oaths and affirmations, and the manner in which they must be done, by those moving the High Court.

The Note to this provision states, "An affidavit sworn before a Notary is not an affirmation before an officer appointed by the High Court. High Court will not entertain such an affidavit."

Jharkhand HC rule 48(3)
Jharkhand HC rule 48(3)

By removing the said note, in effect, the High Court has temporarily allowed affidavits to be sworn in before notaries for applications to be filed before Courts.

The notification issued in this regard reads, "The Court has been pleased to suspend the 'Note' of Rule 48 (3) of the High Court of Jharkhand Rules, 2001 for three months."

[Read the notification here]

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