Collegium recommends two judges for Jharkhand HC; remits names proposed for Chhattisgarh HC

Collegium recommends two judges for Jharkhand HC; remits names proposed for Chhattisgarh HC

Meera Emmanuel

The Supreme Court Collegium has endorsed the elevation of two advocates for elevation to the Jharkhand High Court. As per the resolution dated yesterday, advocates Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi and Deepak Roshan have been recommended to be appointed as High Court judges.

Their names had been recommended for elevation by the Jharkhand High Court Collegium in May last year, along with the names of three more advocates. However, last August, the Supreme Court Collegium had deferred taking a call on the proposal.

In order to ascertain their suitability, the Collegium has consulted with those familiar with the affairs of the Jharkhand High Court, the material on record, and the observations made by the Department of Justice. Additionally, it also sought the Jharkhand High Court Chief Justice’s views on their suitability, which was conveyed through a letter last month.

While it concurred on recommending the above two names for judgeship, the Supreme Court Collegium has remitted the other three names back to the Jharkhand High Court Chief Justice, without assigning any express reason for the same. The three names so remitted are those of advocates Bhawesh Kumar, Sadhna Kumar, and Sudhir Kumar Sharma.

Another resolution issued the same day also informs that three names recommended to the Chhattisgarh High Court have been remitted back to the High Court Chief Justice, stating,

Having regard to all relevant factors, the Collegium is of the considered view that the proposal for elevation of above-named three advocates deserves to be remitted to the Chief Justice of the Chhattisgarh High Court. The Collegium recommends accordingly.”

The names so remitted are those of advocates Abhishek Kumar Sinha, Ashish Kumar Shrivastava and Sunil Pillai.

Read the Resolutions below:

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