Leave no stone unturned in investigating 2G cases: Supreme Court to CBI

Leave no stone unturned in investigating 2G cases: Supreme Court to CBI

Chandan Goswami

Expressing its dismay over the long-pending investigation in the 2G cases the Supreme Court today directed the Enforcement Directorate and CBI to complete the investigation within a period of six months.

“We direct all the concerned agencies, CBI, Enforcement Directorate etc. in the circumstances, as assured by Shri K.K. Venugopal, A.C. and Attorney General for India, that investigation shall be completed within six months.”

A Bench comprising of Justices Arun Mishra and Navin Sinha while passing the order also observed that the investigating agencies should not leave any stone unturned while conducting their investigation.

The Bench also dismissed the contempt application filed in the case which questioned the appointment of ASG Tushar Mehta as the Special Public Prosecutor in cases relating to the 2G spectrum.

Mehta was appointed as per modified notification for the purpose of “Appeals/revisions or other proceedings arising out of the cases related to 2G Spectrum.”

Earlier the Supreme Court had appointed Senior Advocate Anand Grover as Special Public Prosecutor to appear before the Special Court of PMLA (and higher Courts) in the proceedings related to 2G Spectrum cases.

Grover had filed an application seeking the permission of the apex court to discharge him from his duties after the trial in 2G spectrum cases concluded at Patiala House.

The Bench while dismissing the contempt application held that the appointment of Grover was confined only to the trial court and, therefore, no contempt was made out against government in appointing Mehta as a Special Prosecutor since the cases for which Grover was appointed are over before the Trial Court.

“It cannot be said to be a case of contempt committed by the Government while appointing Shri Tushar Mehta as Public Prosecutor vide aforesaid modified notifications. No case is made out to proceed with the contempt petition and the same is hereby dismissed.”

The Court also allowed the request made by Grover to discharge him from his duties while making it open for the government to appoint a prosecutor for the trial court. The Bench has also asked the government to submit a status report  of the various cases in a sealed cover within two weeks.

While holding that additional investigating officers can be appointed by the government after informing the Court, the Bench proceeded to adjourn the case. The case will now be heard on April 4.

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