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Legal notice sent to makers of Netflix show Hasmukh over "false, inauthentic, defamatory" content against the legal profession

Meera Emmanuel

A legal notice has been sent to the proprietors of the Netflix show Hasmukh, registering objection to certain allegedly disparaging comments made against lawyers in the show.

The legal notice sent by Advocates Abhishek Bhardwaj and Hardik Vashisth, have called on the makers to remove the content in question and tender an unconditional apology, failing which they warn of initiating criminal and civil proceedings over the same.

In particular, objection has been raised against certain comments made by the protagonist of the show in Episode 4, titled Bambai Main Bambu, which the notice states includes allegations that lawyers are "thieves, scoundrels, goons" and "rapists."

“The said statements are highly defamatory and brings disrepute to law profession in the eye of general public."
Legal notice sent to makers of Hasmukh

The notice points out that the legal profession has often been marred with disrepute due to ill-fated attempts by media houses, televisions shows, movies etc, which try to portray the profession and the legal system in a bad light by making such disparaging comments in the guise of comedy.

As far as the show Hasmukh is concerned, the two lawyers had highlighted that such "scandalous statements cannot be justified by any stretch of logic reasoning whatsoever and are in bad taste."

It is added that the damage caused thereby to lawyers cannot be measured in monetary terms.

"(The) Undersigned cannot fathom the far reaching implications of such causal, false and derogatory comments made on the show “Hasmukh” which are being allowed to (be) streamed...despite the character assassination that is writ large."
Legal notice sent to makers of Hasmukh

The two lawyers state that the vexatious statements complained of would result in attaching a stigma to the good will and unblemished image of lawyers. It is further contended that the content is false and inauthentic, and a deliberate and intentional attack to malign the image of a noble profession.

Therefore, it has been demanded that an immediate and unconditional apology be tendered over the same, and further that the proprietors of the Netflix show remove the content, besides demanding that they “cease and desist from maligning lawyers in any manner conceivable."

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