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[COVID-19 crisis] Telangana HC extends life of all interim orders, undertakings given by parties before courts till July 15

Rintu Mariam Biju

The Full Bench of the Telangana High Court on Monday extended the life of all interim orders and undertakings given by parties before courts till July 15, keeping in view that all courts have not resumed full functioning in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

The order was passed by a three-Judge Bench comprising of Chief Justice RS Chauhan and Justices Ramachandra Rao and A Rajshekhar Reddy.

The Bench noted that though the COVID-19 lockdown has now been rolled back to a limited extent, courts have not yet started functioning in full swing.

"Therefore, there is a dire need to extend the order dated 27.03.2020, as the order expired on 07.06.2020.", the Bench noted.

Additionally, it was brought to the attention of the Court that despite their on afide intention, in many cases, undertakings given by parties could not be implemented due to the lockdown.

"Thus, the non-continuation of the undertaking is also creating difficulties for the parties before the Courts. Therefore, this problem also needs to be addressed by this Court", the Bench observed.

Taking this into consideration, the Court has also extended the life of all undertakings given by parties before the Court till July 15.

Currently, except for extremely urgent matters, all court work of the Telanagana High Court has been suspended in view of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

[Read the order here]

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