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Gujarat High Court to take up urgent fresh matters of all categories from today; specific instructions for e-filing of matters notified

This decision has been taken to streamline the process of hearing of matters through Video Conferencing.

Aishwarya Iyer

The Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court has notified that from today, i.e., June 15 onwards, urgent fresh matters of all categories (without any exception) shall be entertained as per the existing dispensation.

As per the circular issued yesterday, the Judges before whom the matters are listed would be at liberty to decide whether the matter is urgent or not and deal with them accordingly.

This has been notified upon considering the suggestions made by the representatives of the Bar and in order to further streamline the process of hearing of matters through Video Conferencing.

In this regard it has been directed that:

  • Urgent notes may be filed in pending matters of all categories;

  • All fresh matters and pending matters on urgent notes, for

    the first time will be listed by random allocation before the

    Benches designated for civil and criminal matters;

  • Adjourned matters will be listed before the same Bench, which had adjourned it, if such Bench is available in the specified category;

  • The cause list would be circulated within two days and if listed matters are ordered to be placed on the next day or mentioning is accepted for the next day, a supplementary cause list would be published a day before;

  • A maximum of 25 matters per Bench would be listed in a day;

Additionally, the Roster from June 16 till further orders has also been notified.

The High Court has also issued instructions regarding e-mail filing from June 15 with specific e-mail addresses to be used for a specific category of matters.

Some of the instructions are as follows:

  • E-mails sent from registered email addresses of the advocates with their code number mentioned will only be considered.

  • The attachment to the email must be a single PDF file and multiple PDFs will not be considered. All the documents i.e. urgent note, index,

    synopsis, petition, FIR, Vakalatnama, annexures etc, should be attached as a single PDF not exceeding 25 MB.

  • Files uploaded to Google Drive or any other storage cloud will not be downloaded or printed.

  • Emails sent to more than one email address will not be processed.

  • Subject should invariably be mentioned in each mail. The emails with subject other than those specified will not be considered.

  • The petition should be sent to the appropriate email address only once and in case it is forwarded more than once, both petitions will not be entertained.

  • Any replies to be sent to the emails from the Registry should be sent through ‘Reply’ option from the same email and not as fresh emails. Any replies sent as fresh emails will not be considered.

  • Any fresh email containing additional documents should mention the number of the matter for it to be processed.

  • A details chart has also been provided in the circular specifying the e-mail ID which has to used depending on the kind of matter being sent. Any email sent to will not be processed.

Read the Circular here:

Circular - Order of Honourable Chief Justice - Roster from June15.pdf
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