Kerala High Court Video Conferencing (Representational Image)
Kerala High Court Video Conferencing (Representational Image)
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Kerala High Court server crash impedes listing of cases; Issues being rectified, lawyers informed

Meera Emmanuel

The crashing of a court server at the Kerala High Court led to problems in the listing of cases yesterday and today.

During a video conference hearing held this afternoon, Justice Anu Sivaraman assured the counsel present that the issue is being rectified and that steps are being taken to ensure that such problems do not arise again.

Owing to the server crash, all matters meant to be listed before the Court were not listed yesterday.

This was revealed by Justice Sivaraman during a video conferencing hearing conducted yesterday as well. Justice Sivaraman had added at the time that it was hoped that the issues would be sorted by today.

However, it appears that the Court is still working on the solution given that certain matters expected to be listed were not listed today either. Before Justice Sivaraman's Court, only 8 admission matters were listed, apart from another list with 1 matter for pronouncing judgment.

Justice Sivaraman today intimated that the matters left out owing to the server crash is expected to be listed tomorrow once the problems are resolved.

In the meanwhile, the judge apologised for the inconvenience caused and told the lawyers that if any further difficulties arise, the Court may be appraised of the same.

"Please inform the section, we will see that it is rectified to the best of our ability... If there is a problem, please inform us, we will do whatever we can", Justice Sivaraman said today.

Since its re-opening on Monday, the High Court has been sitting at full strength, conducting both physical sittings and video conference hearings. Over the last two days, the video conference hearings have been conducted in the afternoon.

The causelist uploaded by the Court last night was also updated once this morning to add several case items for hearings scheduled this afternoon.

During the hearing before Justice Sivaraman today, a concern was raised by a Government Pleader that if the (updated) causelist is made available only in the afternoon, it would be difficult to go through the files before the hearing.

In response, the judge responded that perhaps an adjournment could be sought on that ground, observing that she also faced a similar situation today as she got the casefiles only around 1 in the afternoon.

As the (brief) hearing drew to a close, the judge told the lawyers present for the virtual hearing that the server issue will hopefully be fixed by tomorrow.

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