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Lawyer lands contempt notice after cursing Calcutta High Court Judge with Coronavirus for refusal to hear urgent plea

"Mr. Adhikary was warned to behave but instead ... he was heard to say that my future shall be doomed by him and...he cursed that I be infected by the Coronavirus," the High Court judge recounted.

Meera Emmanuel

The Calcutta High Court on Monday initiated criminal contempt proceedings against a lawyer who opted to curse that a judge be infected with the Novel Corona (COVID-19) in open Court, after the judge refused to accede to the lawyer's plea for an urgent hearing.

In the order passed yesterday, Justice Dipankar Dutta recounts that while he was dictating the order declining an urgent hearing, the petitioner's lawyer, Advocate Bijoy Adhikary, repeatedly obstructed the course of administration of justice.

Justice Dipankar Dutta
Justice Dipankar Dutta

In this regard, the judge details that Advocate Adhikary not only interfered in the course of dictation but also first "thumped the addressing table and then banged the microphone on it, more than once."

Further, the order states,

"Mr. Adhikary was warned to behave but instead of heeding to such warning, he was heard to say that my future shall be doomed by him and for such purpose he cursed that I be infected by the Corona virus."
Justice Dipankar Dutta

The judge proceeded to caution that contempt proceedings may be initiated against him in view of the more paramount interest of upholding the majesty of the Court.

"Mr. Adhikary was curtly told that neither do I fear dooming of my future nor being infected by the virus; the majesty of the Court is what is paramount in my mind and to uphold that a rule for contempt could be issued against him."

Justice Dipankar Dutta

However, it is stated that, "Mr. Adhikary seemed not to care and was found to be unrelenting in shouting at the top of his voice, not behoving a member of the noble profession and thereby undermining the dignity and prestige of this Court. It is indeed with difficulty that dictation of this order could be completed."

In this backdrop, the judge proceeded to issue contempt notice to Advocate Adhikary, observing that,

"The conduct of Mr. Adhikary, apart from being abominable, prima facie amounts to ‘criminal contempt’ … Therefore, I have no other option but issue a suo­motu Rule for contempt against Mr. Adhikary."

Justice Dipankar Dutta

The matter will be taken up by the appropriate Bench when the High Court reopens after the summer vacation.

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