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Linkedin post with a screenshot of virtual court hearing: Calcutta HC drops contempt proceedings after apology

The publication of a LinkedIn post containing a screenshot of a virtual court hearing that was taken without the Court's permission had led the Court to initiate contempt proceedings.

Meera Emmanuel

The Calcutta High Court recently cautioned that taking screenshots of virtual court proceedings are akin to taking photographs of physical Court proceedings and, therefore, generally impermissible without the Court's leave.

Earlier this month, it was brought to Justice Rajashekhar Mantha's notice that a law firm had taken a screenshot of the virtual court proceedings and published the same on LinkedIn, while expressing their happiness at having obtained an injunction from the High Court.

Taking critical note of the same, the Calcutta High Court on August 12 opined that a screenshot of the Court Proceeding "is equivalent to a photograph of a Court Proceeding, without the leave of this Court."

An unconditional apology was tendered before the Court on August 12 on behalf of the law firm, with the submission that it was a bona fide publication with no intention to affect the dignity of the High Court.

On August 12, the Court went to express its deep displeasure at the publication, adding that the same was done in bad taste.

However, the contempt proceedings were eventually dropped on Tuesday after an affidavit was filed tendering an unconditional apology and accepting that the publication of the screenshot of Court proceedings without the leave of the Court was incorrect.

The Court was also informed that the publication was deleted shortly after. The Judge accepted the explanation made that the publication was wholly unintentional and that there was no intention to lower the Court's dignity or majesty.

After considering the submissions and the apology, Justice Mantha dropped the contempt proceedings with a warning not to repeat such conduct in the future.

Read the Orders:

August 12 Calcutta HC order.pdf
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